Elijah Weaver - 2018 Point Guard (USC)

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    I don't think Elijah's recruitment has anything to do with LaVall's ability to recruit and coach. I don't think any 2018 prospect does frankly, but I guess I'm confused as to why this comment is on this thread rather than someone like Eric Hunter, Aaron Henry or Jaxson Hayes' pages where there's actually proof of Butler continuing (or starting in 2 of the 3 of cases I mentioned) to recruit a player. Seems odd to put this on a player's page who I don't think Butler was recruiting once Holtmann left.
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    With Ohio State, their staff began recruiting you when they were at Butler. How has their message changed, if at all?

    They said they want me to see the new and bigger campus at Ohio State than it was at Butler. They've got bigger and better facilities at Ohio State and they're just trying to take it to the next level. They have a great point guard who came out of there a few years. They didn't have anything to do with it, but D'Angelo Russell came out of Ohio State. They feel like if they get the right point guard in there, like D'Angelo, that they can take it to the next level. They think that I can be the leader and set the tone for the new program.

    Would you effectively be the face of the program? And does that appeal to you?

    Correct and, yes, it does.

    What are you going to be looking for, on your visit to Columbus?

    Oh, I can't wait to see it out there. I can't wait to see if it lives up to what everybody says it's like on campus and in the city..I can't wait to see the atmosphere and what it's like on campus and their basketball facilities.

    Tools. Still no respect. I wish them nothing but the worst.
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    You're right. They should have said "We're at OSU now, but Butler is the best school for you. They have better facilities and a better, bigger campus, you should go there."

    I by no means am going to root for the staff at OSU, but holy cow, what do you expect them to say to a kid they recruit at both places? Nothing about this interview reveals any duplicity or anything that makes them "tools."

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    Ugh. I dunno. Dissing the facilities at Butler seems petty. I think the high road would look like telling this kid (and all these crossover recruits) Butler was good for us because of Y; now OSU is good for us because of Z.

    I have spoken.
    (Hello, NSA)
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    If you think he wants a "football" school, O$U couldn't have picked a better weekend to host him (and Luther Muhammad) on his OV
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    Exactly my point!

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    Put this thread to bed, let's forget about him and Boltmann Archive him.
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    Committing today. Crystal Ball favors USC.
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    Anywhere but Ohio State.
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    Yes! Although he may de commit once this FBI investigation all comes out.
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    This surprised me. Makes me at least feel better that he wasn't ever coming to Butler. If he'd have either followed the Holt crew or gone to some other small private school it'd have stung.

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    Elijah Weaver 2018-2019 season:
    5.1 ppg 20.4 mpg
    1.7 rpg 42.1 fg%
    2.4 apg 35.5 3fg%
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    Quite a long and strange journey for this dude. Good grief.
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    Wow, has Chicago State ever had a good team?
  17. MSUDawg

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    mmm, no.
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    Became D1 in 1984 (NAIA previously).
    In 38 seasons, its all-time record is 280-813 (.256 winning percentage)
    Has been an independent and a member of four conferences: East Coast, Great Western, Mid-Continent (it's very confused geographically), and, now, the WAC.
    Best record: 22-6 (.786) as an independent. Its only other winning season was in 2008-09 (19-13).
    Its only D1 post-season appearance was in the 2013 after an 11-21 season when it was invited to the CIT, where it lost, 80-69, to UIC in the first round.
    Over the last 8 seasons, its record is 35-195 (.152).
    I thought maybe Weaver was returning to play in his hometown, but he's from Cocoa, Florida, so . . . no.
    Perhaps Weaver is the savior the Cougars have been looking for.
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    Chicago St. beat New Mexico St. in late February of this past season. Just 3 weeks later New Mexico St. beat UConn in the NCAA tournament.

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    AND UConn beat Nova, who was a Final Four team.

    Ergo, Chicago State is basically a Final Four team.
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