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Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by I like turtles, Mar 14, 2020.

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    No need to linger on the cancellation of the tournament. Here's my take on the season. Grades are relative to expectations.

    Kamar Baldwin A-
    Will go down has a top 10 all time player in Bulldogs history. Only blemish was his inability to improve shooting percentages/ taking fouls to the star level. Would be first team All American if he figured that out.

    Sean McDermott A-
    Improved every year, epitome of a bulldog. Garnered respect from all top level opponents. Like Kamar, he wasn't able garner fouls like a senior should. Was too unselfish on offense.

    Bryce Nze B
    Put up numbers at Milwaukee, so it was reasonable to expect him to replicate or improve two years later even in a better league. He did that to a certain degree. Sometimes expected him to exert his will more. Solid defensively despite being undersized

    Bryce Golden B
    Great attitude and dedication to the program. Lacks big east athleticism but can make up for it in many ways. Would love to see him put on muscle and be a player not to eff with as an upperclassman

    Aaron Thompson B
    Magnificent defending and ball handler. Will be a head coach in ten years. His inability to shoot, especially free throws, baffles the mind.

    Henry Baddley B-
    Always going to be limited with his size at this level. But turned out to be a reliable defender and a positive role model. He is a great athlete that for some reason did not utilize it all thr time. Free throw shooting did not improve.

    Jordan Tucker B-
    Shot selection, attitude and defense all improved. Fact remains the dude is a stud with fantastic size and should produce more than what we have seen.

    Christian David, Smits N/A
    Seasons too detailed by injuries to make any conclusions

    Markeese Hastings N/A
    Not going to speculate but seems to be a practice player that will not factor in during games

    John Michael Mulloy/ Khaleef battle C-/ N/a
    When they were on the floor, they were not ready for the big east. Will reserve judgement for later.
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    Like the grades. Golden seemed to lose his shot towards the end of the yr. Maybe he doesn't need to focus on the three point shot next yr. Sure he can hit a couple but he seemed to have a knack for the most part in hitting those face up jumpers.
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    I Like Turtles- good job. Not too much to disagree about. Tucker, to me, will not reach his potential until he learns to finish drives and becomes more explosive. He has a beatitude form on his jump shot but was too inconsistent. He has all the tools but needs to use them.

    No opinion on the two freshmen and Hastings. Will never understand why JMM and Hastings didn’t see the floor much during the buy games or blowouts.
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  4. Danville Bulldog

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    Kamar Baldwin A (top 5)
    Aaron Thompson B+
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    Kamar - A. How do you replace a guy like that.

    Sean - A. Couldn’t ask more of him. Scoring. Defense. Leadership

    Aaron - B. I wish he was more of a scoring threat. Great playmaker

    Golden - C. Great start to season, but seemed to fall off. Could be a factor next year

    Nze - B. Steady. Great passer. High percentage shooter. Too many turnovers.

    JT - C. He is so important for next year. Needs to play like Sean on offense/defense

    Henry - B. I will miss him. He’s reliable. Steady. Great passer/teammate. Shot a decent percentage from 3, and loved his dunks. Wish he played more.

    Smits - C. Hurt too much. Glimmers of hope, never realized.

    Battle - D. Khalif, we need you in 2020-2021. You’re a good player and we want you to succeed. Get your confidence back.

    JMM - C. Get stronger.

    Hastings - incomplete. Big east body, but not sure role. Play power forward. Go to basket. Stop 3 shot.

    FRENCH DAWG Well-Known Member

    Butler Bulldogs Men’s Basketball Team: A

    The team was unranked snd received no votes at the beginning of the year and ended the year ranked with a very high probability of making the NCAA tournament.

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    Butler Bulldogs Men's Basketball: A

    This team could have done some damage in the NCAA's, possible Sweet 16 or Elite 8.
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    Fixed it for ya:)
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    BE with 4 teams in Top 25. B10 with the most at 6. But BE has 3 in Top 15–B10 just 2.

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    Turtles got a lot of merit here. Only one comment Kamar A+. The main reason for Kamar's lower shooting percentage is that the clock wined down and he was one that got stuck to force one. Jordan's 3 point percentage would have been a lot better for that same reason.
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