Favorite Butler Logos/Traditions?

Discussion in 'Non Sports' started by homefield, Oct 8, 2019.

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    Hey guys! Just joined the community - I'm Connor and I help run Homefield. We make premium (read: extra comfortable) college apparel out of our Broad Ripple office, and try to make unique/vintage designs for schools of all sizes. We know that no matter how much research we do, it'll never compare to the knowledge of die-hards, which is why we joined this community.

    We have a few Butler items on the site (https://www.homefieldapparel.com/collections/butler-university-bulldogs-store) right now, and we want to add even more. This is where you come in. No one loves the Dawgs and the school more than you, and we want to learn from the experts.

    Mainly: what are your favorite Butler logos/traditions? We only want to make apparel that serves the most passionate fans, and we take that input quite seriously.

    Even if you don't have any favorite logos/traditions, if you ever are thinking about ordering some Butler stuff, let me know and I'll be sure to hook you up with a solid discount.


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