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Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by Jared Grubbs, Jan 25, 2018.

By Jared Grubbs on Jan 25, 2018 at 11:33 PM
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Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by Jared Grubbs, Jan 25, 2018.

    1. lockebyproxy
      Wouldn't say when Thad left Xavier was a rival, much less an arch rival. Rivalry didn't really start until the water fountain, long after Thad was gone.
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    2. Hinkle
      To recap:
      1. Ari essentially implies Butler basketball players are bad guys off the court and that we're all tricked to believe otherwise.
      2. Ari is delighted that Jorgenson is in a shooting slump.
      3. Ari doubts Butler will beat Xavier at home (will be a pick-em game).
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    3. ButlerNut
      Thanks for saving me 22 minutes. Although I plan to listen anyway, I have a 2 hour drive today.
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    4. seadawg
      The bitter rivalry began with Darin Archbold Feb. 24th 1991 at Hinkle.
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    5. theenforcer13
      I've stopped listening. He has morphed into a Title esque troll.

      1. Butler has one issue over the past 20 years I can think of. That is more than Xavier has in an offseason
      2. Jorgensen is scoring 11 PPG in BE play shooting 37%. Efficiency has fallen off when compared to non-con play... but we need a 3rd guy behind Martin/Baldwin. Paulie is doing that job more than adequately. He averaged 4 PPG playing low to mid majors all year at GW. His minutes have also doubled since transferring. The hate is so misguided on this one. His stats are better across the board at Butler while playing better competition.
      3. Correct. It will be close to a pick em if not BU favored.
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    6. broadripple
      This is a joke right? Maybe you are too young to remember or were not a Butler fan at the time, but Butler and X have been bitter, bitter rivals since they were in the MCC (Midwestern Collegiate Conference) back in the 80's and early 90's. This was the precursor to the Horizon League.
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    7. the_speakers_lab
      I knew I shouldn’t have pointed out Jorge’s shooting woes in a post
    8. lockebyproxy
      As someone who grew up a Xavier fan in the 90's before I came to my senses and went to Butler in the 00's, I can say that in the late 90's, I didn't know what Butler was. Looks like I missed them being in the same conference by about 3 years.

      Regardless, I've always struggled with the Butler/Xavier rivalry, because when I was an X fan, we had UC and to a lesser extent, Dayton as rivals. Good chance I was just too young, like you say @broadripple, to think about anything other than how much I hated UC.
    9. Trumpforpresident2020
      I read the article. I understand what they were saying but I disagree. From my perspective The Butler way is deeper than the basketball court. It's about making an impact on people's lives and leaving a lasting impression. Just my opinion.
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    10. UDDawg
      I thought it was a really odd time to write the article, too. Would have made more sense, and perhaps been better received, if it was an immediate reaction piece after Holtmann left.
    11. AKasle_BU
      My fellow, Bulldog fans. I've long simply admired your posts from afar, but after seeing this doozy, I was compelled to comment. You can only think of ONE issue that's happened, huh.....

      Guess you forgot about Chrishawn Hopkins getting kicked off the team. Maybe you never realized that Rose was suspended during his medical redshirt year for a something that happened off the court. Amazing how that never got out. I also guess you forgot Kam Woods getting suspended his junior year and the reason never getting out. And lest we forget Brandon Miller, who's real reason for leaving has never been made public. Those are just the ones I have off the top of my head.

      That being said, I do get a kick out of your guys comments on the podcast. Some of you guys are VICIOUS, but I love that we have such a passionate fan base. All I'm trying to present is the Butler fan who doesn't have blinders on. Seems like we have a lot of people who are are biased to a point of blindness.
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    12. Irishdawg
      The Butler Way demands commitment, denies selfishness and accepts reality, yet seeks constant improvement while promoting the good of the team above self.

      I read the article - I haven't listened to the podcast, though I intend to. IMO, the article literally has nothing to do with the Butler Way. It says it's gone because of Holtmann leaving and Tucker's transfer in (because if it's a rumor on the internet, it must be true). Holtmann leaving has nothing to do with the Butler Way still existing on the men's basketball team or not. Tucker, even if he's the biggest doofus in the universe (which there's nothing concrete to show for it yet), isn't the declaration that the Butler Way is dead. In fact, to me, the Butler Way exists on the team now more than ever BECAUSE guys stuck around after Holtmann left, when leaving would have been the easy thing to do.

      Should I think the Butler Way doesn't exist because Barry Collier doesn't envelope me in velvety hugs whenever I see him? What if Blue III spurns me if I try to pet him?

      The Butler Way isn't specifically connected to the men's basketball team, and it was in place before Stevens took the reigns as the head coach. It's part of what connects Butler as a community. I'm sorry this young lady isn't able to see that. The good news is that with age, usually comes wisdom. Butler's players are not angels, but I would be surprised if they're actually "bad" dudes.
    13. BUcheer
      Ahh...youth. Agree that when Thad left the rivalry had gone underground, but there was plenty of bad blood between X and Butler before the water fountain.
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    14. Irishdawg
      So because players make dumb decisions, the Butler Way doesn't exist. I'm not going to pretend that everyone connected to the Butler program is innocent. Even before you showed up on campus, it was known that the players made bad decisions that didn't necessarily become public news. Now they didn't rise to what the rumors of what happened with Kam Woods were, but they definitely don't mean that the Butler Way itself is gone. Sometimes it's hard to see the forest through the trees.
    15. Insane Dawg
      Insane Dawg
      A few stats on PJ:

      He is 30 th in points per game in the Big East(third on Butler)
      Shooting 44% and 37% from three
      Shooting 80% free throws
      26 th in assists
      2 nd in A/TO ratio at3 to 1
      9th in steals per game
      1st in steals/turnovers

      Need to find a replacement for Ari that understands the game
    16. AKasle_BU
      I'm with you there. I think the Butler Way is alive and well. We've had a few bad apples tho.
    17. BUcheer
      The young journalist’s opinion piece was laced with defamation. Just because it’s presented as an opinion piece doesn’t mean you can defame someone’s reputation. I actually dont blame her, though—I think her advisor should have intervened. And frankly, the whole point/counterpoint with the double articles feels very contrived to me. I actually kinda feel for her as she was clearly given the role of proving the Butler Way was fraudulent and this is the best she could come up with. Again, I’m blaming the advisor here.

      Ari—no one is claiming all our student/athletes are/were without flaws. But my belief is that Butler handles these things with more integrity than many other institutions. And while rumors through the years have been discussed on this board, not a fan of someone with your quasi-journalistic role reviving them, unless of course you were on the record with the said athlete in acquiring the information. Just because Butler is able to enact consequences without the entire world knowing doesn’t mean the consequences were light or inappropriate for the offense.
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    18. Irishdawg
      I didn't realize this was the premise of the article was to be a counterpoint to the Butler Way still being alive and well. Apologies for me being an idiot. This particular topic seems to be more click-baiting than anything else.
    19. Insane Dawg
      Insane Dawg
      The Butler Way is an ideal or a vision. It is something one can aspire to. It isn't something that comes or goes. Some people live it. Some people fail. As long as there is free will one can believe in it or denigrate it. Holtmann left of his own free will. To say it is dead because someone left is silly.
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