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Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by Jared Grubbs, Feb 11, 2018.

By Jared Grubbs on Feb 11, 2018 at 12:44 PM
  1. Jared Grubbs

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Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by Jared Grubbs, Feb 11, 2018.

    1. cornette33
      Thanks for posting. Was very entertaining.
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    2. cornette33
      I would agree with Jared for hopes in the tourney. I want them to win one in BE tourney and one in the NCAA tourney. Two would be great.
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    3. DarthHoltmann
      I just don’t care about the Big East tournament that much. Obviously it would be amazing to win, but outside of a championship it’s just another game(s). Being a 7 seed with 0 BET wins would feel no different to me than being a 7 seed with 2 BET wins.
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    4. cornette33
      Just want them to the get the monkey off their back in the BE tourney. I would love for us to get a 7 seed but it will depend on the next 5. Ppl say we are squarely on the bubble.

      Also I would not say Jorgs sucks. I mean getting what we are getting out of him being a unheralded transfer knowing little of him coming in to this yr, I think we would take it. He AVG like 4pg/GM at GW. Is he a starter on a great/ good team, no. Butler needed him. More of a role player but BU has a lot of them. Sean,Henry, David. I think he has done an admirable job replacing Chrabz as a third scorer. No one besides a good grad transfer was replacing his productivity. Jorgs is more of a six man Avery Woodson on this yrs team. We just don't have 3 solid starters like last yr.

      That being said I am not well versed in analytics like Jared and Ari. I am sure the staff knows who to play and in what spots. I would like to have someone ask Lavall why in blowouts he still plays his starters. Obviously there will be no more blowouts likely but it is a bit strange.

      Love the insight from the episode tho!
    5. seadawg
      Nice to have Jared as a voice of reason. It would be a bonus to finally get a BE tourney win. I'll admit to being disappointed with the lack of interest in Lamar Norman as he seems like he would be a great addition to LJ's transition game.
    6. cornette33
      While that is true about Norman we will need scoring to replace Kelan so I am sure they are weighing their options. They probably want a sure thing as a scorer at this point to help next yr.

      Also, am I the only one who thought Ari was speaking to Matt Howard? Lol. Jared's voice seems very similar.
    7. kmacker69
      I try and listen to this every damn time and it freezes at some point in the first 2-6 mins and never comes back and I have yet to ever hear one?!?!? I've tried multiple platforms and tried phone and computer? Guess I'm not meant to ever hear one... don't know why it always freezes!?!?!
    8. mwall787
      I want to know how much Brunk was with the team last year. Ari kinda badmouthed him as not being good enough to earn playing time after being with the team 2 years, but in previous articles its been mentioned how little time Joey actually spent at Butler with everything going on with his father. Was he actually in practice all last year?

      With how little playing time all the other freshmen have gotten (outside of AT), I don't think the criticism is necessarily fair if he wasn't around much last year (which is part of why everyone is saying "put brunk in" on social media....we just don't know what we have)
    9. Coogles
      Appreciate the Butler coverage, but my goodness Ari's obsession with Jorgenson is beyond old. The guy will harp on every mistake or missed shot PJ makes and totally ignores his other contributions at both ends of the floor. It's not like PJ is the only guy on the team missing shots or making a mistake every now and again, either.
    10. ButlerGoalie
      I care about BET wins because it would give us more games to establish consistency, but more importantly it would give Lavall some more quick turnaround experience for the NCAAT.

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    11. seadawg
      It may impossible to replace KM's scoring next other than by committee. I suppose we will have to wait and see what happens with Norman. He seems to have similar skills as Eric Hunter but a quicker release.
    12. AKasle_BU
      for real? try it on iTunes
    13. AKasle_BU
      I'll be waiting here for you to list those contributions on both ends of the floor. Conference play- shooting 36% from the field, 30% from 3. 2nd worst defensive rating among guys who play. 2nd worst offensive rating among guys who play. What has he done in conference play to deserve praise?
    14. Insane Dawg
      Insane Dawg
      Enjoyed hearing Jared's comments. Guess points per differential is good at evaluating players but isn't a good indicator of how they are doing.
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    15. Coogles
      I don't subscribe to KenPom, so I'll have to take your word for it on the defensive rating. Essentially playing the 3 in the starting lineup, though, he's also usually guarding players with at least a couple inches on him. I'm guessing he wouldn't be getting 30+ minutes a game if the staff thought he was such a liability even when he's not hitting offensively. Same reasoning you use as to why Brunk doesn't get minutes, but of course when it comes to PJ they must have no idea what they're doing.

      I have no intentions of sounding like a PJ leghumper here, but I'll just say his ability to draw attention from defenses and move the ball makes this offense much more effective. His ability to get into the lane and kick is the reason we managed to get back into the XU game at the end of regulation. His 7 assists against VU were 2 more than AT and KB combined. He made some tremendous passes drawing attention and finding the right open man. It'd be great if he could knock down some shots with more regularity, but this team plays better, generally, when he's out there. Jared's point differential stats confirm that.

      At any rate, this will be my only response to you. I've already blocked you on twitter because I was tired of seeing your tripe come across my timeline from comments and shares, and I'm doing the same here. If you had the ability to be balanced in some way it might be worth having a discussion, but you don't seem very interested in that.
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    16. Insane Dawg
      Insane Dawg
      Without PJ we don't beat Nova in January and we aren't on the bubble.
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    17. Jared Grubbs
      Jared Grubbs
      I don’t think I articulated my thoughts very well on that stat. It’s basically a better version of +\- because it adjusts for number of offensive and defensive possessions played. It’s good in that it encompasses everything that happens on the floor. Unfortunately that’s also why it’s bad, as much of what happens on the floor is outside of an individual players control.

      Because of that it’s not a stat that you can just look at and say Player X is better than Player Y because they have a higher PPP differential. Not all players are used in the same situations. For example, if Butler is playing St. John’s they might want Baldwin guarding Ponds. So every time Ponds is in the game so is Baldwin so he can guard him. That means he probably rests when Ponds rest. Because Baldwin is always facing Ponds his defensive points allowed might be higher than those who are in the game when Ponds is out. That doesn’t make Baldwin a worse defender.

      This is why I used it to say that Jorgensen and Fowler are successful in their role. The team is performing well when those 2 are on the floor. That doesn’t mean they are the best players, but their presence on the court clearly isn’t harming the team.

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    18. AKasle_BU
      I get that his performance against Nova was instrumental. I'm just struggling to understand why that one performance outweighs his overall performance in conference play. Like I'm seriously not trying to troll here, I just don't get how I can present the stats that show how inefficient he is on offense and defense and yet everyone defends him. Why do people like trashing Nate Fowler for one bad game, but Paul has 7 bad games and he gets a pass? I don't get it.
    19. kmacker69
      For real?!?! :rolleyes: A simple link and it should work.

      I spent the last 40 mins making it work and listening to hear Jared and he was worth listening to, but I'll skip your view of things in the future. Not a fan of your style and persona... (At least I hope it's a persona and not how you talk and act in real life.) Nothing personal, but you don't seem to care about feelings much, so I'm going blunt in my response! :eek: :confused: Not a fan!
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