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Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by ghostryder, Dec 21, 2018.

  1. ButlerNut

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    Rosie was from O'Fallon. Basically a St. Louis city. About 5.5 hours south of Chicago.

    Not busting your chops (because on your worst day, you are still 10000 times more up on the College Basketball scene than I am). I just don't want people on the board thinking Rosie was from the Chicagoland area.

    As someone who lived in Illinois right outside St. Louis, I got increasingly frustrated that everyone asked, "isn't that by Chicago" whenever I said the places I lived.
  2. bumba

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    Agree with you & even Willie wasn't from the Chicagoland area (I don't think). Just seems like lots of talent there we can't seem to sign for whatever reason.
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  3. Irishdawg

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    Veasley was from Freeport (Go Pretzels!), which is fairly close to Chicago, but definitely not in the Chicagoland market.

    I'm sure it's not this way for all recruits in Chicago, but it seems like you have to do things in Chicago to get the really good players that you don't have to do in a lot of other places. Not saying Butler should ignore that market, but I feel it would take a special player/situation for it to work.
  4. seadawg

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    I am in complete agreement. James "slap happy pappy" Parker was the last BU recruit from the Chicago area. Most of us should remember that fiasco.
  5. BUcheer

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    Wold be nice to pick up at game before/after the KC tournament next year like Wichita State, Iowa or IL with a return the following year. Since its just a two day tourney with reasonable travel it would be very doable.
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  6. BUcheer

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    Also a game at Georgia next year for Kamar with a return to Hinkle the following. Would think Tom Crean would go for that.
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  7. dawgs2014

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    Academics rules a lot of kids from the city out. There’s also a lot of dirty stuff in chicago that we literally don’t even go near.

    The closest thing to a chicago area guy is Wideman, who played with Meanstreets for AAU, which is predominantly chicago kids.

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    Lol I'm from where Tyler's from. This is the farthest thing from downtown Chicago. Let's just say there's nothing in common with any of Chicagoland except 50 miles or so.

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  9. bmradio99

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    I would love to see that, and agree that Crean would be on board if his AD is, but that would put 3+ SEC games (including @ Ole Miss, UF at home, and a possible matchup with Mizzou in the KC Thanksgiving tournament) on Butler's schedule for next year, so I doubt it happens. Bummer though. Would really like for Kamar to have a game in GA. Winder is only like 20 miles from Athens.
  10. bmradio99

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    (A friend who grew up in Belleville posted this once and I still chuckle about it.)
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  11. bu1973

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    Here is the advantage of playing few cupcakes that goes beyond just likely wins. You get a chance to play some of the players who you want to give minutes to later in the season or possibly just give them some opportunities to get some minutes. There will be precious few minutes for some of the players on this years team once we get to the Big East.

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