Game Thread: Butler vs The Citadel (11/19)

Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by noltar, Nov 19, 2022.


    BUBBALUM Active Member

    Pierce just needs to stop telegraphing his passes.
  2. Cranjis McBasketball

    Cranjis McBasketball Well-Known Member

    True. Remember he is technically playing his first 4 games of collegiate basketball though after having the last year being relegated to the practice squad.

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  3. DawgsMD

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  4. Denverdawg

    Denverdawg Active Member

    One thing I’ve noticed with DJ is when he gets a hand on the ball, it is his.

    Many players get a hand (or hands) on the ball and it gets knocked away. That didn’t happen with DJ at least last night. I don’t know if has huge hands or really strong hands, but I suspect it is one of the two, then his mechanics to protect the ball are solid.

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  5. BURph92

    BURph92 Well-Known Member

    Simas is pretty good at not telegraphing his passes.

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  6. the_speakers_lab

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  7. Dawgedd

    Dawgedd Well-Known Member

    Another mark of Matta: 93 in tempo per kenpom. Pretty sure we have been sub 300 for a while. That’s not to say slow is necessarily bad (certainly isn’t) but the quick tempo does make it generally more enjoyable to watch.

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  8. troggy

    troggy Well-Known Member

    I was going to mention this. I assume it will slow some against better competition but it's an entirely different thing than what we've seen recently. Butler has never exactly played fast but they haven't been in the top 300 in tempo the past three seasons.
  9. Hinkle

    Hinkle Well-Known Member

    Here’s a remarkable stat:

    Dating back to at least 1996-1997, the first season of KenPom data, Butler has *never* finished in the top half of NCAA in tempo.
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  10. troggy

    troggy Well-Known Member

    Remarkable, yet not totally shocking.
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  11. DawgDude

    DawgDude Active Member

    Not surprising
  12. Albick

    Albick Well-Known Member VIP Member

    Kenpom Adjusted Tempo-Butler

    Lickliter (remarkable consistency from year to year)
    2001-02: 316
    2003: 325
    2004: 324
    2005: 326
    2006: 326
    2007: 331

    2008: 328
    2009: 294
    2010: 286
    2011: 298
    2012: 218
    2013: 274

    2014: 273

    2015: 243
    2016: 178
    2017: 278
    (The jump from 178 to 278 from '16 to '17 represented only two additional possessions per game--67.9 vs. 65.9)

    2018: 207
    2019: 263
    2020: 341
    2021: 326
    2022: 334

    2023 (to date): 101

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