Hanover, Morgan, and Stauskas

Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by Bulldog Grit, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Bulldog Grit

    Bulldog Grit New Member

    Hanover Game was a scrimmage game. From tonight, BU has a good starting group. Our 2nd group is meandering. How in the world can we let Hanover score 73 points and make countless open three pointers. I'm not as worried about the points as I am about the wide open three's.

    I continue to see glimpse of promise with D. Morgan. He is the fastest player we have on the team. He hit a nice three pointer as well. Has a better shot than Kam Woods, R. Jones, and possibly Aldridge. I hope he develops into a good asset for the team.

    Did anyone happen to see Nick Stauskas all over ESPN tonight? I am bummed we landed CHD instead of Nick S. or Ronnie Johnson.

    Starters played well tonight. Smeathers, Aldridge, and Barlow had a rough go at it. I think Smeathers got 4 fouls in 4 minutes of playing time. He definitely has had better nights.

    In all, this game does nothing positive for our RPI. Yes, we did get a win. Maybe this will help us get to 20 wins for the season.

    Be Good,
  2. congoman

    congoman New Member

    D3 games don't impact RPI...

  3. Title

    Title Well-Known Member

    BU had no chance at all with Stauskas. But I still find it amusing watching Michigan that BU slow played Trey Burke waiting for Travis Trice. And then out of that mess somehow ended up with a player who I still can't identify a single D1 ability.
  4. Ignatius J. Reilly

    Ignatius J. Reilly Well-Known Member

    I liked what I saw out of Morgan, but I'm trying to take everything with a huge grain of salt considering who they were playing.
  5. butlerfan

    butlerfan New Member

    Needless to say the close outs on 3's last night were horrible. Butler wasn't engaged defensively and credit Hanover though. For a d3 team they run some nice stuff. Those staggered screens from the baseline up killed us numerous times.

    Be patient with Devontae. he can help us. It took Van Zant some time though, but Shawn became a really good guard and IMO one of the big reasons we made it back to back. Fantastic his senior year. I liked the looks of that outside J by Morgan too and you are right his speed is much needed. A10 loaded with quick guards.

    Stigall/Woods/Fromm/Morgan could be a nice bench for us. Reserve ball handling in relief of Rot is an issue though. Jackson has played well in spots, but has to get better. Same way for Alex. I still don't have a feel for Devontae's ability to handle the ball. He CAN pressure the basketball on defense though and that is something we do need.

    Go Butler.
  6. bd5

    bd5 Administrator Staff Member

    As far as the scheduling of the Hanover game was concerned, I think it was exactly what we needed. Traveling from Hawaii, after playing 3 tough games virtually back-to-back, Butler needed a "scrimmage" type game that wouldn't come back to bite them if they weren't as sharp as they needed to be.

    Stevens said it best that after this game "There are no excuses." Since they should now be rested and have a game under their belt.

    As far as Stauskas, he committed before CHD and was never a serious threat to come to Butler.

    I like what I see in Morgan. GREAT speed on the defensive end and very athletic. If he can knock down the open 3 (as he did last night) he has potential to be very good in the A10.
  7. pmb72

    pmb72 New Member

    Morgan shot over 80% from the line in high school. I watched a number of his games his last two years. He has great upside. I see a SVZ with more potential because of his size. Take a look at his hands; they're huge.
  8. Butler1970

    Butler1970 New Member

    Morgan is way ahead of SVZ at this stage. When SVZ was a freshman/sophomore he was crazy legs with ball handling difficulties. SVZ became a very good player his last two years. I wouldn't be surprised to see Morgan playing more minutes as the season progresses.
  9. Irishdawg

    Irishdawg Banned User VIP Member

    Kind of combining threads here from the Elijah Brown recruiting thread, but I think if certain things do happen (Dunham putting on some muscle, Morgan's development, Castro being ready), I think you could possibly project a situation in which Jones would be coming off of the bench next season because of a stronger defensive backcourt than what this year's squad is able to offer.

    I liked what I saw from Morgan on Tuesday, hopefully he'll get another opportunity on Saturday to show what he can do.
  10. Title

    Title Well-Known Member

    I'm optimistic about Morgan too, but he's not at SVZ's level as freshmen.

    On a significantly deeper team, SVZ was already well within the bottom of the rotation as a stopper.
  11. I Am Butler

    I Am Butler Well-Known Member

    SVZ was a wildly out of control mess as a freshman. I was not a fan at all.

    Had no body control and was spastic with and without the ball.

    Morgan has every bit as much potential and already more polish.
  12. Bulldog Grit

    Bulldog Grit New Member

    Morgan looks to be smooth and not so crazy legged as SVZ. His legs would move faster than his ball handling.

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