Hi guys! My wife bought me tix to the zags/Butler game

Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by gozagswoohoo, Dec 27, 2012.

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    So I live about 5 hours away, and the wife and I are heading up for the game a day early. Would you guys please answer a few questions for me?

    I was at a zags/Indy game at Lucas Oil like 3-4 years ago, and we hung out and drank at a pretty cool place that had some great places to eat and neat bars. There were a lot of people out too. I THINK it was near Lucas Oil...?

    SO...is there a popular bar district near Hinkle Field House?

    Can you recommend a couple nice restaurants for the wife and I do eat at?

    Also, if we have a day to kill, what would be a few nice places to sight-see or check out? Free is best, like maybe a zoo or museum, but I'm definitely open to any ideas!

    Lastly, can you recommend a decent hotel with a pool that might be a convenient location to Hinkle and the popular bar district?

    I will totally owe someone a couple beers if they can help me out here!!

    Thanks for any info, I'm really looking forward to the game and experiencing Hinkle Field House.
  2. Coogles

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    The popular bar district near Butler is Broad Ripple. It's very much a college bar scene, but there are some really nice restaurants and some fun shoppes off the main strip that people who don't live in the area tend to ignore.

    For brunch or lunch near campus, my favorites in the area are Cafe Patachou (cinnamon toast!!!) at 49th and Pennsylvania, Zest at 54th and Carvel, Taste Cafe at 52nd and College, Northside Kitchinette at College and ~65th, and the Illinois Street Food Imporium at Illinois and 56th.

    For dinner you can't go wrong with Napolese - it's an amazing artisan pizza place, also located at 49th and Pennsylvania. Mama Corolla's at 54th and Winthrop is fantastic for dinner if you love Italian food. If you want higher end I would either go with Meridian Restaurant at Meridian and Westfield or the Corner Wine Bar at Westfield and Guilford.

    For good pub food and local brews, the newly reopened Aristocrat (Irish pub) at 52nd and College will have your head spinning with their beer menu. 20 Tap at 54th and College is great, but of the three the best is probably Broad Ripple BrewPub at 65th and Cornell.

    The local Butler bar is Moe and Johnny's at 54th & College. It has decent food and solid beer choices, but I wouldn't put it at the top of my list. Great place to watch and Butler away game, but you'll have a better view at Hinkle.

    Overwhelmed yet?

    For hotels, most people will stay on the north side in Carmel, since it's such an easy drive down Meridian to campus. For a nice place with a pool, I'd go with:


    It's probably ~10-15 minutes to campus from there. There are quite a few nearby places that are less expensive, but I'm not sure if they have pools.
  3. BUcheer

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    Edit: was writing this as the first post was added--probably more info than you need!

    You will want to stay in the downtown area for sure as there are tons of restaurants and bars in easy walking distance. The Conrad, Embassy Suites and Marriott all have indoor pools. Too many restaurants to name, but Palomino is good as well as the iconic St. Elmo's (steakhouse). Harry & Izzy's (affiliated with St. Elmo's) is lots of fun, great food, in a little more casual environment.

    The bar area nearest to Hinkle is Broad Ripple which is pretty college oriented. Depending on your age it could be fun. There are also some pubs along College south of Broad Ripple (closer to Hinkle) that are good before the game, but will be jam packed and limited parking.

    Parking near Hinkle will be crazy. You can get street parking within a few blocks if you come early, which I would recommend. There is also a shuttle service from a nearby church. Go to butlersports.com for more info. A taxi from downtown will be easy, but harder to get going back.

    Most museums have a daily fee but we have some great ones--Eiteljorg (western), indiana State Museum, and Children's Museum (really fun for adults too). Don't bother with the NCAA Hall of Champions paid display--not impressive. Your wife might like Circle Centre, the downtown mall that includes a theatre.

    If you come on Friday, I'd drive straight to Hinkle and get the lay of the land and check it out without all the fans there. It typically is open, but the main court could be curtained off if practices are taking place. Go in and relive the "Hoosiers moment" gazing up at the beauty that is Hinkle Fieldhouse. If you are lucky, the sun will be pouring in from the clerestory windows near the peak. Check out the historical display in the west concourse (near basketball offices) to gain a true appreciation of what Hinkle Fieldhouse has meant to the the state of Indiana.

    Hope this helps. Really looking forward to this game and am glad the zags were chosen to play in it. Go 'dogs--the BU ones that is.:). Speaking of dogs be sure to watch for Blue II and Blue III (our live mascots) at the game. We have a pretty cool ritual where the players pat Blue II's head during starting lineups and then he madly rushes to the other side of the court (past the visitors) to claim a gigantic bone from the student section. These dogs are rock stars with their own Facebook and twitter pages!
  4. MiniLaura

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    If you want a VERY nice place to eat you could go to Recess at 49th and College. If you want amazing food by the chef at Recess without paying the Recess prices, you can go next door to Room Four. Recess has a prix fixe menu that changes daily, and Room Four is ala carte. Info for both restaurants can be found here: http://www.recessindy.com/

    There's a small Upland Brewery tasting room kitty-corner from Recess. My beer-loving friends think it's wonderful, but it is definitely not a sports bar. http://uplandbeer.com/eat-n-drink/indy-tasting-room/

    As for a free museum--I love the Indianapolis Museum of Art. They even have free WiFi there if that's something you need. It's very close to Butler: either a very short drive or a nice longish walk along the canal. If the weather is nice, you could head over to the 100 Acres sculpture garden and shoot some hoops at Free Basket: http://www.imamuseum.org/100acres/artists/loscarpinteros (BYOB. Bring your own ball.)
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    For a nice dinner, St. Elmo's is Indy's traditional spot, but my wife and I prefer Meridian restaurant much more. Better food and better ambience.

    The Illinois Street Food Emporium is a great place for lunch but I think they are closed on Sundays.
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    Great to see the friendliness of everyone towards a visiting fan. Also great to see that there are so many nice places to eat and drink not far from campus. Too bad it wasn't like that in the 60's.
  7. firedupkaren

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    This site has tons of good information/reviews on the Indy area.
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    Wow! You guys are awesome. I'm printing this entire thread. Thank you so much!
  9. gozagswoohoo

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    LOL. Not gonna lie, I probably would have been the one to reply with something like this if someone came to the zags board for info. :)

    Cruel......and brutal.....but I laughed. ;)

    Thanks again everyone! Keep your eye out for me, I have a custom zags jersey that says "AMMO" on the back of it.
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    Hahaha awesome.
  11. PDT1242

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    Gzags, glad you have a sense of humor. Good job, FUK.
    With that 'stach you would think Morrison would have been able to catch and flop like a certain other great 'stach wearer was so good at.

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