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Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by Jared Grubbs, Mar 4, 2019.

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    Shaq sure had a lot of freedom to knock people over and Jordan and James Harden could take as many steps as they wanted or needed. The NBA flows well because rarely does anyone take a charge and carrying, three seconds and walking are ignored. To that uncontested dunks and three point attempts are most of the offense. Really isn’t a lot for the refs to do.
  2. Insane Dawg

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    Excellent Episode. Can’t disagree with any of it.

    Few comments - replacing PJ with Baddley in the starting line up was questionable and might have hurt morale. Then to replace Baddley with Tucker added rebounding but lost defense.

    Our depth has not been a strength and may have been a negative.

    Our best defenders at their positions are AT, Fowler, Baddley and David. Interestingly they are not offensive threats.

    Toughest player- Golden. Second- no one
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    I'm not following here. Is your point that the NBA refs do or don't allow more physical play by the defense? How does Shaq being a people-mover down low or Harden being allowed to travel constantly affect your opinion on defensive physicality permitted by the rules?

    And the NBA primarily flows well because the players are in a different stratosphere, skill-wise, than college players.
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    Just based on the eye test, I would say NBA refs allow significantly more contact than NCAA refs.
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    Just listened to the podcast. Thank you for making it, because those days of driving 3 hours for work get long. Glad I had Jared and Lucas to entertain me!

    A couple of points, and definitely NOT criticisms.

    1. With the way that Stevens used advanced metrics before they were the fad, I believe that led to a lot of the success of the teams. Whether offensively, defensively, with rotations and player assignments, and every facet of the game, Stevens seemed to have everyone prepared. Perhaps now that advanced metrics are more popular and readily available, and Stevens is no longer the coach, Butler may have lost that advantage. But, with the metrics available, wouldn't it be logical to think that the current coaching staff would analyze like Jared and Lucas did? Wouldn't the coaches realize that PJ was more efficient as a starter and Tucker was more efficient coming off the bench? Great analysis by Jared and Lucas in the podcast.

    2. I really like CD's defense. I know the podcast was recorded before the X game, but he played awesome on D last night. He was contesting shots, blocked 3? of them, and really played well. Now, the off season needs to be about his offense! :)

    3. On a personal note, Lucas, I am happy for you that you are finishing up this year at Butler. I enjoy your insight on the podcast and the message board. You do a great job of writing and analysis for busting brackets. While I know you are from Wisconsin, I hope that you will continue to be a contributor to Butler Basketball, and maybe even continue doing the podcast next year. Congratulations on earning your degree.

    4. On another personal note. Jared, you do such an amazing job with all things Butler Basketball. Moderating the forum, live posting from games, sharing information, always keeping a level head and using logic to dispel opinions. I would put this board up against any board for any team in the country in terms of layout, usage, and management. I am a VIP and I have no problem supporting all the work you do to support Butler and to give all of us rabid, annoying, crazy fans an avenue to stay connected to each other and to the program.
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    Thank you so much!! I appreciate your kind words and I am looking forward to what's next (although not trying to finish too quickly :p ) With regards to continuing Butler discussion, you can expect it. I'm hoping to find a job in my field of study, healthcare and business, but I am definitely planning to continue writing, podcasting, and staying active on the board. College basketball (okay...just basketball in general) and writing are two of my passions and I'm hoping to definitely keep that coverage going.

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