How Can WE Make Hinkle Better?

Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by BigHoss, Jun 20, 2021.

  1. BigHoss

    BigHoss Well-Known Member

    Well folks, after our outstanding dialogue on some of the loudest moments at Hinkle, it has left me wondering...

    What realistic measures can be implemented to make Hinkle Fieldhouse a more ominous venue for visiting teams? If our University budget for basketball isn't going to expand, perhaps there's some things WE can do to make Hinkle more fun, loud, and more attractive to potential recruits.

    As neat as Hinkle is to the casual fan and "national sports writer", I do feel that there is a LOT of room to grow to make Hinkle a tougher place to play for opposing teams.

    And before you tell me to contact the school about this, I've already sent multiple emails to Gameday Ops on the issue (they haven't listened - maybe they're intimidated by my profile picture). Perhaps a board thread with multiple people involved can provide us with some actual change/progress.

    Below are my thoughts...


    1. MUSIC - What the hell are we doing? Do we have some sort of contract with Bruno Mars and the cheesiest songs in the Top 40? I feel like I am at an Elementary School Field Day when attending games. I'd rather listen to Miss Lippy read the Puppy Who Lost Its Way.

    Let's ramp it up a notch. Let's play some music that will get our most important crowd members (students) involved. Maybe some EDM pre-game, maybe some Seven Nation Army after a big run when the opposing team takes a timeout. Get the students engaged and KEEP the students engaged. If the upper deck of students isn't standing, it's a failure - that should be the approach! Search Allen Fieldhouse loudest moments to get an idea. We've gotta be better...

    PREGAME SUGGESTION: tastefully implement sound bytes from Hoosiers (Jerry Goldsmith) while playing highlights on the video board. It is unique to Butler/Hinkle, and can show BU's rise to prominence as an underdog while energizing the crowd. If done right, the whole crowd will have goosebumps. The u4 on CBS of Butler/Duke did this and it was incredible - look it up.

    2. SITUATIONAL AWARENESS - Nothing is worse than having a big run interrupted by a C-Club Faculty recognition. Let's use the B-U-.....TLE......R-U-A BULLDOG cheers when the moment is right, instead of strictly at the under 4. I get that we have deals with advertisers, but be flexible with them!

    3. FLEXIBILITY - We've pegged our big "White-Out" games for "DePaul" the last 4 years (or so it seems). Be creative with how we use our promotions to add some hype to the BIG games. If we're playing Nova on FOX NATIONAL, quickly implement a white out AND a dollar beer day, so "BIGHOSS" can delete 2 thousand beers, take his shirt off, expose his chest/belly (no white shirt needed), yell his ass off and be part of a menacing white clad crowd that will help us win, and make Hinkle a national spectacle.


    Folks, I have one mission in life. And that mission is to make Hinkle Fieldhouse THE TOUGHEST PLACE TO PLAY IN AMERICA. Can you help Big Hoss?

    Looking forward to some great discussion. NC Jon, have I gained a second nut?
  2. NCJon

    NCJon Well-Known Member VIP Member

    It's a worthwhile discussion, so yeah, you've definitely found a second one.

    IMO, the biggest thing any program can do to improve gameday is to have the student section ring the first few rows of the court instead of packing them into the end zones. It's valuable real estate that many programs aren't willing to give up, but you see the results in the few that have been willing to make that leap, i.e. MSU & Maryland.
  3. Hinkle

    Hinkle Well-Known Member

    There’s no way the program can afford that.

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  4. jkcdawgs

    jkcdawgs Well-Known Member

    Students need to be better. Plain and simple. They really suck. And the crotchety old people that stare at fans for cheering/booing can gtfo. The amount of times I’ve been told to “sit” or “stop” is beyond ridiculous. One time, I had a guy come up to me before a conference game and say, “we’re not doing all that s*** from last game.”

    Gameday ops has been a mess for decades. I gave up on the music, media timeouts, etc. Can’t wait to hear “Cake by the Ocean” for the 5th straight season.
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    BUBBALUM Active Member

    The band was forced to tone down some of their rituals because they were "offensive" according to the crotchety old fans. This was back in 2010/11.
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  6. MSUDawg

    MSUDawg Well-Known Member

    I'm surprised they could hear...
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  7. TheDawgDub95

    TheDawgDub95 Well-Known Member VIP Member

    I agree. The students make the atmosphere and make a venue "pop" on TV broadcasts. Heck, I'd even go in on sponsoring a pre-game happy hour for students (of age, of course) that present proof they will be attending the game!

    I've often thought they need to be closer to the court, along one side. But we need to get more of them there and passionate!

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  8. Staxawax

    Staxawax Well-Known Member

    I think everything starts on the court. Get some 5* players in here and win, win, win. Then work on the experience.

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  9. seadawg

    seadawg Well-Known Member VIP Member

    Another interesting thread posed by BigHoss. Too bad I'm so old and crotchety to give a damn.
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  10. znelson15

    znelson15 Well-Known Member

    Agree on the winning. Once we get more consistent with winning the biggest thing will be bringing the students to the sidelines instead of behind the basket.

    Zaga made This move after they started winning and their atmosphere is insane.

    Atleast put the students behind the butler bench so the players could feel some of the energy

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  11. jkcdawgs

    jkcdawgs Well-Known Member

    Students that suck at cheering shouldn’t get priority seats. Pretty simple. You guys want more wins? How many non-conference games did we win at home in a row?
  12. seadawg

    seadawg Well-Known Member VIP Member

    In a serious response to BigHoss and others, I believe Hinkle Fieldhouse has traditionally always been a difficult place to play for opponents. I have zero issues with the band and I sit right next them, but the piped in music has much to be desired. The students are strategically located at the ends of the court to purposely disrupt the opposition. Seating behind the team is normally reserved for recruits and families of the team. If students can put their phones down long enough to actually watch a game, it could enhance the atmosphere with a little more creativity.
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  13. the_speakers_lab

    the_speakers_lab Well-Known Member

    COVID may have prevented the annual “the dawg pound sucks” thread, but it couldn’t stop the genius that is Big Hoss. Thanks for keeping another of the annual traditions I love alive.
  14. Gregory Roach

    Gregory Roach Well-Known Member

    Agreed. Unlike Nova, which has a huge student section at South end of Finneran Pavilion which is very loud (~2000 students) and Duke's infamous home courtside student body, Hinkle doesn't really offer either of those options due to its size, total seating capacity, the size of available sections and reliance of Butler Athletics on basketball receipts. The addition of student seating on the North 200 level has helped give a much larger student impact. In addition to that expansion of student seating on the North end, I would propose considering additional student seating in 200 level at the South end for certain big rival conference games (Nova, Xavier, Creighton, etc.). Concentration of the Students at both ends of the floor seems to really make an impact during highly contested games. Keeping those sections full is partly reliant on the quality of the product on the floor. That is human nature. Give the students something to cheer and I have never seen them not bring it for a big game. Perhaps Butler needs to channel Creighton promotions and have a dollar beer night?
  15. BulldogsFTW

    BulldogsFTW Well-Known Member

    Count me as one more for dollar beer night lol
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  16. dawgs2014

    dawgs2014 Well-Known Member

    If you’re going to do a dollar beer night for students as a way to get people there, make it a free beer night. It’s like a $1,500 difference just write it off.

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  17. BigHoss

    BigHoss Well-Known Member

    That’d be cool with me.
  18. MisterFive

    MisterFive Member

    I think there's probably some legal red tape. There may be a difference with selling beer (even if it's only for a dollar) vs. giving it away from a legal standpoint. At a dollar a beer, you're basically giving it away but still able to say that you are selling it.
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