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Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by bu97, Oct 26, 2021.

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    Busting out of lurk-only mode long enough to share some injury updates provided at preseason media availability this afternoon:

    Tate: had a pretty big brace on his leg but was doing drill work in practice. LJ: "Progressing well. He's gotten clearance to do a little more this week, to jump into workouts. Not any contact just yet, but moving in the right direction."

    Hodges: not practicing. Did not require surgery and is not wearing a brace. Recovery time will be a function of how quickly/well the area around the injury heals. LJ: "Time to allow the bone to heal, and now all those mechanisms around it, getting them back up and running and getting the strength around it, which takes time." "Able to get out and form shoot, walk around with no brace now, so that's moving in the right direction."

    Bolden: had offseason foot/ankle surgery. Working his way back to full practice. LJ: "He's just trying to get back into practice full-strength, 5-on-5, but [he's] cleared."

    Groce: said he banged a knee last week but "I won't be out for long." LJ: "He'll miss some practice time here, but expecting him to be back pretty soon."

    Okay, back to lurking...
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    Thank you for the updates. Couldn't believe I couldn't find another media member tweeting about today's media and the injury conversations. :)
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  3. bu97

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    Recording audio with the same device from which you tweet makes real-time updates difficult :) I'll transcribe to tweet form.
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    Did WXNT send anyone? lol
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    Said in Mayor Quimby voice: "This board demands more bu97 content, and this board demands more bu97 content now!"
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    Said in Bart Simpson voice: "@Overland Bark, it's a nice thought, but we both know that *this* is the pony to bet on" *gestures toward @Lukas Harkins *

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