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Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by WMUDog, Nov 7, 2015.

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    My wife and I and another couple are at a conference in Mobile Alabama (All of us from Indianapolis). We were at dinner tonight and as we left, a guy at the next table stopped my friend because he was wearing an Indiana State T shirt. A conversation started about Terre Haute, Loogootee, etc. I am impatiently leaning towards the door. Then the guy said he went to Butler. I missed the next part as I was walking closer to the table as they started talking Butler basketball. My friend told him that his father in-law is Coach Donald Benbow. This guy couldn’t believe it and said. “You have to tell him I said hello. My name is Matthew Graves.” I then looked around the table and said “and you must be Darnell Archey” Yup. They were with several Southern Alabama basketball players. It was a fun conversation from there. What are the odds.

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