Jakobe Coles - 2020 Power Forward (Verbal)

Discussion in '2020 Recruiting Profiles' started by Jared Grubbs, Jun 15, 2018.

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    Hahahhaha this made me laugh

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    I'm old enough to remember getting complained at for linking and not summarizing articles from The Athletic.

    Here's the thing about the Star digital subscription: the digital experience is so comically bad and cumbersome, it's not worth it for those of us out of the area. A good digital experience is one thing that a media conglomerate like Gannett should be able to provide and improve over small or local ownership. It's unfortunate. DW's writing is worth it. I might consider subscribing again when the season rolls around (or if there's some monster sale - locals, please post if you get wind of one happening).
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  3. knobcreekfan

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    Can we get back to what a great class this is and how happy we are to have them join the family?

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    Currently "The Star" offers digitals subscribers $5.00 for the 1st 3 months then $7.99 per month afterward.
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  6. Sidd Finch

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    As a Reds fan? The guy pitched 1/3 of a season (in a 21 year career!) for the Reds. He must have really made an impression! ;) I actually had forgotten he ever pitched for the Reds. My recollection was he was an AL guy until the very end of his career.

    I sort of assumed Dunhamfor3 was joking. I agree about recalibrating his Google Machine if he was serious.

    Back on topic. Looking forward to seeing Jakobe on the court.
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  7. pjohnsto2003

    pjohnsto2003 Well-Known Member

    Was thinking two seasons, but I loved to watch him. Agree - back on point.

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  8. Hinkle Magic2

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    David Wells claim to fame is allegedly either throwing a perfect game drunk or hungover. He was well-traveled in his career but won a few World Series titles with the Jays & Yankees and made some All-Star appearances--as a pretty good pitcher during his time.
  9. rperk

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    I'll take Gary Nolan and Tom Seaver
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  10. thebulldogs

    thebulldogs Active Member

    Gotta love the class LJ has assembled. Think Scooby, Coles, and Tate can all contribute from day 1. Harris has all the tools you want in a PG. Seems almost like a carbon copy of AT. Wilmoth? We saw last summer how LJ was the first high-major to offer Jaxson Hayes, Aaron Henry, etc and how they turned out. He will be a stud several years down the line.

    The great thing about landing Coles is that it now allows LJ and Co. to go all out on landing some 2021 studs. While other coaches are still wrapping up the 2020 class (or just looking to get it started), LJ can already focus all his recruiting time developing those relationships with the younger kids. What is even more impressive than the players we landed in the 20 class, is the territory LJ went to get them. After a last place finish in the big east, he went into 3 states we historically never recruit, that are not big east territory, and beat out the state school offers (including Michigan as even though we got Hastings in 18, I can't recall anyone else in the last ~15 years). Looking forward to see what LJ can bring in in 21 after a successful campaign this year .

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