Jamarius Burton - 2018 Guard (Wichita State)

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    No current players on Butler’s roster were wanted by other programs, you are correct.

    Doesn’t it get exhausting being this negative all of the time? I bet you are a joy to be around at work/home.
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    That is sooooo cool, glad you got to see JT and your son working so hard. Managers do such an amazing job and don't get the credit they deserve......

    Congrats to you and your son.
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    Whatever happened to our archive witch poster? I don't think we got it with Boudreaux or Taylor, either...

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    Should have read further. He apologized
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    Everyone is so salty today.

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    1. @Title still waiting for your reply to multiple comments. I know you see the alerts. Went ahead and tagged you again for good measure.

    2. Can anyone give me any evidence that "LaVall really wanted this kid" other than just extending an offer? Quit with the "word on the street" stuff.

    3. I interpreted the Woods' tweet as Burton was not going to Butler, not that we pulled his offer. Most of you have been following this program for years and all the evidence points to LaVall having some moral fiber. I can't imagine he would do something so petty.

    4. The immediate basketball situations at each of the schools Burton was considering were very different. Like most recruits, I suspect he prioritized playing time, something we probably couldn't honestly guarantee him. None of us have ever met with Burton to understand his priorities or chosen field of study. So why does this particular recruiting situation have to be a referendum on LaVall and Butler? A few days ago there was palpable excitement with all the recruiting NOISE (!), as it was well published on Twitter that we were involved with several recruits across multiple classes. Did people think that we would sign all of them? It's fine to be reasonably critical of LaVall. He hasn't yet established himself on the recruiting trail and I think he would tell you the same. But he still hasn't even had the job for a full year. Now, if we're still having this conversation in year two and three? That's different. So, for the time being, save the slippery slope posts. They pop up almost every time a recruit doesn't pick Butler and yet the program still thrives. On to the next one.
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    You're right, the ACC is a high major conference. But since WSU plays in the AAC (the 7th ranked RPI conference in the country), I'd say they're mid-major. The Big East's RPI was 2nd in the country.
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    Lucky we'll have a scholie available for a Top 150 guy who can make a difference.
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    The AAC was overrated this year. Houston p*ssed away a March Madness lead to lose to Michigan. Nevada came back from 22 down to beat Cincinnati. Wichita State was a #4 seed that was beat in the first round. Why is any of that impressive?

    Best wishes to him, but we seriously don't need another Fowler, Baddley or Gillens-Butler sitting on the bench their entire freshman year waiting to develop & see the court.
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    Best of luck to him. Seems like a good kid. I’m not upset we didn’t get him. Didn’t think a 2018 guard who is a project, not a shooter, and wouldn’t see the floor next year was best fit. Rather save that for 2019s, transfers, or high upside guys like the Canadian.

    Now we need some momentum. Whether with Battle, or the WSU transfer, or Gillis, or whomever.

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    I also wish Burton the best of luck. But to be honest, I worried that if we took him, we would be down to 1 available scholarship for 2019. While we have no idea if we are going to get any of those players we are looking at for 2019, if we use up one of the two remaining scholarships available for 2019, then it is pretty much a given that we will not get them. If we take anybody else at this point in time other than a grad transfer, we have to hope that the coaches believe they are equal to or better than what they might get in 2019.
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    i’m off my game, but I appreciate the callout
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    This Wichita State vs Butler recruiting series is going to be interesting thread to follow.
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    Even more interesting, should they ever play.
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    I think Burton would've played at Butler this year. Dude has a strong game.

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    Not sure about any type of meaningful minutes.........but he will definitely play at WSU.
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    Jamarius Burton 2018-2019 season:
    6.0 ppg 24.1 mpg
    3.4 rpg 39.0 fg%
    3.4 apg 26.3 3fg%
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    Tom Davis commenting on this recruitment, round 2?

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