Jayden Taylor - 2021 Shooting Guard (Offered)

Discussion in '2021 Recruiting Profiles' started by jkcdawgs, May 7, 2019.

  1. jkcdawgs

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    Goes to Perry Meridian. AAU teammates with Wesley.
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  2. jkcdawgs

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    Hard to find some video on this kid. Looks to have some bounce to him.

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  3. DawgPoundMac

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    Perry Meridian guy, huh? I live right over by the school, so I’ll check his play out once the high school season starts.

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  4. ButlerGoalie

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    I'm old, get off my lawn, but what's up with recruits using old logos? I know that we've mentioned our complete lack of social media competency (which is ironic given Kaltenmark and Blue), but come on. How hard is it to send the kids official logos to use for offer purposes? That should be the minimum. Having edits in a BU uniform would be better... Hey alma mater, hire me!! I'll move back to Indy.
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  5. bmradio99

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    I've long wondered this. For comparison, Creighton changed their logo around the same time, and I think they did a fantastic job getting it out there. Granted, it changed a LOT more than Butler's, so it's more recognizable as different, but still.
  6. bumba

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