John-Michael Mulloy - 2019 Center (Signed)

Discussion in 'Current Butler Players' started by Jared Grubbs, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. The Hound

    The Hound Member

    Yep. JMM seems to be doing everything the correct way and doesn't need our over projections.

    Maybe its time we focus on the season that is just five weeks away?
  2. JCM

    JCM New Member

    Here is some video I found from Peach Jam. Its on two other kids, but JMM is in it a lot. He is in it in the beginning and end. Good moves. Watch the entire video.

    Sharife Cooper & Javin Etzler BATTLE IT OUT in Nike's E16 SemiFinals!! | AOT vs Indy Heat
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  3. seadawg

    seadawg Well-Known Member VIP Member

    I merely stated there is potential and ample time for growth for JMM to develop into good college player.
  4. CarmelDawg23

    CarmelDawg23 Well-Known Member

    Agreed...we should not be comparing any player currently in his JR year of HS to an active NBA player.

    Now that we've settled that, JMM is the next David Robinson!!
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  5. fdr

    fdr Well-Known Member

    I see a lot of Lew Alcindor in that video.
  6. BUcheer

    BUcheer Well-Known Member VIP Member

    I was thinking more Kareem Abdul-Jabar myself.

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  7. TheDawgDub95

    TheDawgDub95 Well-Known Member

  8. seadawg

    seadawg Well-Known Member VIP Member

    KB as in Kent Benson
  9. Baddog

    Baddog Well-Known Member

    Who cares about the comparisons. Just from looking at that brief video, the best news....the kid is really young, 6 - 9 or 6 - 10, has basketball skills and moves his feet really well. Bodes nicely, as all the rest will come. BU looks like they potentially got a huge steal here as long as he continues to work.
  10. shoeevv

    shoeevv Well-Known Member VIP Member

    As long as you don't see Shane Hall . . .
  11. BulldogsAllTheWay

    BulldogsAllTheWay Well-Known Member

    Mulloy at Indy top 80. This kid is going to blowwww up.

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  12. seadawg

    seadawg Well-Known Member VIP Member

    I watched the 2nd half of a sectional game and I did notice a soft touch from the charity stripe along with a little bit of grit to his game. Noblesville was playing pretty rough but JMM hung tough for a sophomore.
  13. MilkSteak

    MilkSteak Well-Known Member

    Carmel opens up at Zionsville on November 21st at 7:30pm this year. First chance to see Mulloy. Probably gonna hit that game up. Should be a really good matchup. Both teams will be very good this year.
  14. the_speakers_lab

    the_speakers_lab Well-Known Member

    How do you define JMM as "blow(ing) up?" He's committed, so he won't be receiving offers from other schools. Right now he's a 3 star whose only been scouted by one site...
  15. estar20dawg

    estar20dawg Well-Known Member

    247 has him as a 92 rating and a 4 star at 169 nationally
  16. SpartanDawgs

    SpartanDawgs Well-Known Member

    I don't think those are accurate.... If you click his actual profile, then its more of an accurate rating.
  17. estar20dawg

    estar20dawg Well-Known Member

    John-Michael MulloyCarmel (Carmel, IN)
    • PF
    • 6-9
    • 195
    166 30 6

    his profile has him at 199, either way by the time he's done he should easily be a top 150, probably closer to 100 if he develops some strength.
  18. PSUButlerFan

    PSUButlerFan Well-Known Member

    Why should that stop the offers? There's no rule saying you can't offer a committed prospect, is there? If Kentucky decides they want him, they will offer him. In football committed players get offered every day.
  19. Irishdawg

    Irishdawg Banned User

    Thankfully, football recruiting practices haven't completely bled over into basketball. In basketball, a verbal commitment actually means that's where they are likely to wind up. In football, a verbal commitment means almost nothing.

    There's no written rule that says that, but from what I understand, most basketball coaches will stop actively recruiting a kid once a verbal commitment is made.
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  20. Insane Dawg

    Insane Dawg Well-Known Member

    Unless Adidas gets involved.
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