Jordan Tucker - Forward - Duke Transfer (Signed)

Discussion in '2018 Recruiting Profiles' started by Jared Grubbs, Jan 11, 2018.

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    You could still summarize in a few sentences... I probably would never copy and paste an article that subscribers pay for but summarizing something that is not confidential isn't going to destroy a journalist.
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    Newspapers are dying because fewer people are willing to pay for poor journalism.

    I'd pay for The Athletic if it was only about BE ball. Don't care about any other sport.
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    Now I wish I'd never posted it, jeez...

    I'm at work and, while I had time to read the article over my lunch break, didn't have the time to type out a summary post.
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    you should get a VIP membership for ButlerHoops then. Unless you do not enjoy reading the content that willis posts.
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    Fair enough. I apologize to you if I came off like I was antagonizing you. Working as well, busy season for us, when I have time to check and see a post to an article get's me excited for maybe a new tidbit of info and was like ah spent my couple of free minutes doing what? It's all good man, thanks for trying
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    The author of this feature worked for both the Bloomington Herald Times & Knoxville News Sentinel. Newspapers are dying because digital subscribers aren't being added as fast as print subscribers are dying (literally).
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    Download The Athletic app and you can read the whole article.
  8. Staxawax

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    It is technically against the law to copy content from a pay site.

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    Newspapers are dying because they failed to adjust to a changing market. This is something I happen to know quite a bit about.

    In 2000, most newspapers operated on an 18-20 percent profit margin (which is obscene for a perishable product) and their revenue streams were roughly 1/3rd classified advertising, 1/3rd display advertising (large ads in the physical newspaper) and 1/3rd subscriptions.

    Craigslist came along and took away all of the classified revenue. Newspapers responded by cutting staff to maintain their profit margins, as most were now owned by publicly traded corporations that had a duty to stockholders to maximize profit.

    Digital advertising developed in a way that it offered a completely different value proposition to advertisers - they could reach more eyeballs and targeted eyeballs at a fraction of the price of a print display advertisement - and that did not allow newspapers to simply do a 1-to-1 swap of display for digital advertising. Newspapers responded by cutting staff to maintain their profit margins, as most were now owned by publicly traded corporations that had a duty to stockholders.

    By the time they realized they needed to focus on subscribers, they'd already cut their staffs so deeply that they no longer offer the same quality product they once did. Yet readership - when you include digital alongside print - remains higher at most newspapers today than it ever was in the pre-Internet era. It's not a lack of people wanting their news that's the problem. It's an inability to capitalize on that.

    Newspapers continue to make significant profit margins, by the way, they just do so with more than 1/2 of their revenue now coming from subscriptions and virtually none coming from classifieds. It is a dying industry, but its death warrant was signed long before most started putting out "poor journalism" as you describe it.
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    At least the price of soybeans, which are used in the ink, should cost less.
  11. PSUButlerFan

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    This is excellent. Also don’t overlook the impact of some of the social media platforms - Most notably, Facebook, for inflating viewing stats that suggested all print companies needed to focus on video. Some made changes that didn’t pay off because the reward wasn’t there. Facebook is under fire for this, among many other things.
  12. readyletsgo

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    Tucker's struggles lately have hurt this team down the stretch. I thought after he got really hot in January that this team would turn the corner but it has not worked out that way.
  13. Staxawax

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    I would disagree on this part. Because of realtime news and sports, information is just a click of the remote away. Most people know the news and have seen the sports scores and highlights before they went to bed and watch Sportscenter or the Today Show for overnight news.
    My wife only used the paper for grocery adds, now everyone gets those adds by mail and they're available online.

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  14. SchlabbaDawg

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    Seems like he started pressing once he got in the starting lineup
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  15. Red1972

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    Tucker has a lot of work to do, after all he is an athlete. Sorry for the comparison, but think Elijah Brown and we know how that turned out.
  16. TheDawgDub95

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    I hope the comparison is wrong but it's not without some merit. He needs to spend a lot of time in a stance. He bends at the waist, not at the knees, quite a bit. He does so offensively as well as defensively.

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