Jordan Tucker - Forward - Duke Transfer (Signed)

Discussion in '2018 Recruiting Profiles' started by Jared Grubbs, Jan 11, 2018.

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    You could still summarize in a few sentences... I probably would never copy and paste an article that subscribers pay for but summarizing something that is not confidential isn't going to destroy a journalist.
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    Newspapers are dying because fewer people are willing to pay for poor journalism.

    I'd pay for The Athletic if it was only about BE ball. Don't care about any other sport.
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    Now I wish I'd never posted it, jeez...

    I'm at work and, while I had time to read the article over my lunch break, didn't have the time to type out a summary post.
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    you should get a VIP membership for ButlerHoops then. Unless you do not enjoy reading the content that willis posts.
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    Fair enough. I apologize to you if I came off like I was antagonizing you. Working as well, busy season for us, when I have time to check and see a post to an article get's me excited for maybe a new tidbit of info and was like ah spent my couple of free minutes doing what? It's all good man, thanks for trying
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    The author of this feature worked for both the Bloomington Herald Times & Knoxville News Sentinel. Newspapers are dying because digital subscribers aren't being added as fast as print subscribers are dying (literally).
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    Download The Athletic app and you can read the whole article.
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    It is technically against the law to copy content from a pay site.

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