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    Yeah, but what you can’t see is how hard Fowler is trolling McD by wearing the exact same sweater. That’s clearly why McD is giving the camera magnum errrrrr blue steel... also you can clearly tell that Thompson’s confidence is at a new all time high when you’re 18 and show up to the party w a giant beer mug on your sweater. No doubt he was ripping some shots there and hitting on some wives too
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    Lmao I had the same reaction when I saw AT’s sweater. Legit hope he doesn’t get in some stupid trouble for that.
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    It's only near-beer at the house of ugly sweaters.
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    If it’s still up, he’s fine. Molly Sullivan, our compliance director (people may have run into her in the West gym before) is fantastic about everything in general,!$5 particularly social media type stuff.

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