Jordan Tucker's shooting

Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by Baseline, Feb 9, 2020.

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    His point is that even though Tuck's mid range is worse than his layup % from an absolute perspective, his layup % is worse from a relative perspective to what it should be when you take into account it's a layup and your % should be dramatically higher.

    Your point is from an offensive efficiency perspective as it relates to points per game or possession, you go with the higher % whether it exhibits you are good or bad at it.

    One is arguing skill and the other is arguing game outcome.

    At least that's what I am seeing and hope I phrased it correctly.

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  2. Eric

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    Points per game scored vs points per game allowed is by far the most important stat. Fight me.
  3. dawg767

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    Thank you. That is spot on. Sorry if I confused everyone.

    From an analytics standpoint, for 3 point shooters the mid-range shot is always the most inefficient shot as teams like the Rockets, Nova and many others can attest. Basically shoot the 3 or take it to the rim. Tucker is so horrendously bad at finishing though it leaves him only one albeit semi-efficient option (shooting the 3).
  4. ButlerNut

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    I’m so glad we have a thread complaining about one of the key players shooting woes.

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  5. DawgsMD

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    People did the same with McD. 19th in the nation (vastly outperforming expectations) and still the incessant *****ing.

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  6. dawg767

    dawg767 Active Member VIP Member

    Discussion on McD was about a 2 game slump. Wish we were talking about just a slump here. This thread is about Tucker's embarrassingly bad season 2 Pt FG% of 35%. Again, for reference McD shoots 66%.

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  7. Insane Dawg

    Insane Dawg Well-Known Member

    Stunning how expert people are who have no idea how difficult it is to play at this level.
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  8. dawg767

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    Fwiw, I was a walk-on here in the 80's and played (well, practiced mostly) for 2 years and displaced justifiably my Junior year. So I do have some idea. . .
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  9. dawgs2014

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    Thank you. I appreciate you following up on this with the explanation.

    I was confused because I explicitly stated that I wasn’t considering relative skill, I was considering expected point values.

    While I’d agree that one should be more successful at the rim than from midrange, I’m not sure what value that conclusion generates. I’m much more interested in how we can use what a player can and does do to maximize his and the team’s potential than worry about what he can’t do or what his greatest deficiencies are.

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  10. Baseline

    Baseline Active Member

    He HAS really improved defensively and rebounding wise. I feel he is too athletic and strong to simply shoot contested 3's. He fades away on all of his two pt attempts. Don't know if anyone has tried to address this but he isn't going to make many doing that. I wish he would attack the basket AND attack the offensive boards.
  11. Baseline

    Baseline Active Member

    Team has a VERY THIN bench. Opponent is going to put their stoppers on Baldwin and McDermott. Who is going to score when those two are contained? TUCKER! He IS important.
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