Kamar Baldwin - 2016 Shooting Guard (Signed)

Discussion in 'Current Butler Players' started by Jared Grubbs, Jun 12, 2015.

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    How about him saying that Matt Graves was recruiting him at South Alabama and told our staff about him? Thanks, Matt!
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    His offense has been poor because of his turnover rate and the difficulty of the shots he's taking. Classic freshman issues that will iron themselves out over the course of the season.
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    Hard not to gush about KB. I generally don't like the comparison game, but I think Tyler Ulis and Kamar are almost clones, right down to the number. Kamar's freshman numbers are better, but Ulis played only sparingly behind the Harrison twins on what has to be one of the most stacked rosters in history (seriously, look at that 2014-2015 Kentucky roster again...9!!! of those players currently play in the NBA or D league right now). Ulis obviously made a huge jump his sophomore season and had a significantly higher assist rate, but it helps when you're dishing to future lottery picks. If Kamar can learn to spread the ball and utilize high screens efficiently, I honestly don't think the NBA shouts are too crazy. It's early, yes, and he has a ways to go, but the tools are there.
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    Their playing styles are literally nothing alike

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    "Four of the top seven scorers in the Big East are freshmen." Didn't realize that. I would think that's an anomaly compared to most of the power conferences, but maybe not. Good indication the future of the conference is promising. Infusion of top-flight talent is good.

    Given the way things work nowadays, I doubt all four are still playing in the BE in 2018-19. Heck, Patton's probably not back next year.
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    Great article on an amazing player.
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    Two quotes from the article:

    "The only gap in his young career came in third grade. Two times that year, his mother was called in for a teacher's conference: Kamar was becoming the class clown. She told him that if she had to make another trip to the school, she wouldn't allow him to to play basketball that year. When the third call came, he protested the suspension, but it stood.

    "I hated not being able to play, but I'm glad they didn't give in," Kamar says. "I carry that lesson with me to this day.""

    "And Baldwin never pouted when he was pulled from games. "In fact," Dickerson says, "he'd often whisper to the guy who replaced him, 'Pick up where I left off. Go get 'em!' That's just how he was raised. His family worked for everything they had. His game, like his upbringing, is blue-collar.""

    These are not just about what a great player he is, but the great attitude that is prevalent in the type of player Butler recruits. These two snippets tell more about his mindset than any stat line.

    And one quote about what a great eye for talent and the Butler Way that Emerson has.

    ""He wasn't a self-promoter," Emerson, now Butler's men's basketball analyst, says. "But he played the game the right way. I knew as soon as I saw him that he would fit in at Butler.""

    Keep Emerson as well!
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    The article touches on it a bit, but I think we can look at Kamar as the first true impact recruit that we've gotten thanks to the aftermath of the B2B title games. The fact that he was 10 or 11 and cheering for Butler stuck in his mind and I'm sure that resonated when Emerson first called. This is the type of trickle-down effect in recruiting that we are just now seeing come to fruition. I think it bodes well going forward too.

    I stopped in to see Hinkle on the way up to see Pearl Jam in Chicago last August, right before school started. Ran into Kamar with his parents in the small spirit shop in Hinkle and I was struck even then just how respectful he was. You could tell that he was a good kid, couldn't be happier for the success that he's having on the court. I just hope we are able to get a full four years of him in a Butler jersey.
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    KB has the #1 play
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    KB could have had two or three plays on that list. I get that they wanted to spread the list among the teams, but the steal and reverse layout against Nova at Hinkle and the step-back jumper at the buzzer to beat Northwestern could have made the list too.
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    Does anyone know when the team USA U19 team usually gets announced? Would have to think Baldwin would have a chance to make the cut.

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    Too old I believe.

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    O/U 2.5 weeks Kamar announcing he’s entering the draft but not hiring an agent?
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    Not happening.

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    He absolutely should. I never understood why Kelan didn’t take advantage of this option.

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