Kelan Martin - 2014 Forward (Signed)

Discussion in 'Former Bulldogs' started by bd5, Mar 7, 2013.

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    *Jots down a note about a future article to write... *

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  2. Jimmy Lafakis

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    It’s official. 45AD02AA-85BD-4EF8-93E8-788DCFBC9466.png
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  3. Jimmy Lafakis

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    Getting that work in. 7D7E9C5E-5DC0-4A8A-ABAA-94A745A3FCEB.png
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  4. SpartanDawgs

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    Time to make a Butler Big Guard T-shirt and make some $$$. Expand the Big Guard brand!
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  5. bumba

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  6. cornette33

    cornette33 Well-Known Member

    6pts 3reb 1 asst in 11min. 3-6 shooting.
  7. Red1972

    Red1972 Well-Known Member

    Good luck with the Wolves, Kelen!
  8. Gregory Roach

    Gregory Roach Active Member

    My wife and were there. Being the last preseason game, lower level seats could be had for less than $20.

    We were very pleased to see that Kelan got almost a quarter of play. Appeared to fit in playing against the P's bench and was a productive scorer at that level (playing against the second team). His speed appears to fit in at that competition level as well. His defense will probably take a bit of work.

    So too, we got some interesting looks the first time we cheered "go Kelan" until people saw our Dawg wear. We even got a look from Kelan after a make. All in all a great night watching all the new Pacer's free agents and Kelan's debut.

    According to Joe Gentry (Ticket Manager), Kelan's contract is two-way, at the NBA minimum on a per game basis until he plays 20 games. At that time he gets a guaranteed NBA minimum for the season. I hope it works out for him. He is a great young man and ambassador for Butler.
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  9. Red1972

    Red1972 Well-Known Member

    Well said!
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  10. Jimmy Lafakis

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    This man is different!

    (Video on Twitter.)

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    I feel weird telling someone younger than me how to do something technological, but you can copy Tweets straight into posts on here.

    Just hit the Share button on a tweet and then click Copy Link to Tweet and paste it right in here.

  12. Gregory Roach

    Gregory Roach Active Member

    The long three was sweet. 13 points in 24 minutes of play, Kelan might actually stick on the Wolves roster and not be sent to the G-League. Awesome!
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  13. estar20dawg

    estar20dawg Well-Known Member

    As much as I would love that and think he deserves it, looking at their roster and the fact he has a two way contract, it seems really hard for him to stick on a 12 man roster as a forward.

    Bolded are pretty much certain roster spots that's 12 right there...

    Minnesota Timberwolves Roster
    Team Roster

    Keita Bates-Diop31 SF 23 6' 9" 229 lbs Ohio State $1,416,852

    Tyus Battle28 SG 22 6' 6" 205 lbs Syracuse --
    Jordan Bell7 PF 24 6' 9" 216 lbs Oregon $1,620,564
    Barry Brown Jr.9 PG 22 6' 3" 195 lbs -- --
    Robert Covington33 SF 28 6' 8" 211 lbs Tennessee State $11,301,219
    Jarrett Culver23 SG 20 6' 7" 195 lbs Texas Tech $5,813,640
    Gorgui Dieng5 C 29 6' 11" 252 lbs Louisville $16,229,213
    Treveon Graham12 SG 25 6' 6" 223 lbs Virginia Commonwealth $1,645,357
    Jake Layman10 SF 25 6' 9" 209 lbs Maryland $3,581,986

    Kelan Martin30 F 24 6' 6" 235 lbs Butler --
    Jordan McLaughlin6 PG 23 6' 0" 170 lbs USC --
    Jordan Murphy14 F 22 6' 6" 246 lbs Minnesota --
    Shabazz Napier13 PG 28 6' 1" 175 lbs Connecticut $1,845,301
    Jaylen Nowell4 SG 20 6' 5" 196 lbs Washington $1,400,000
    Josh Okogie20 SG 21 6' 4" 212 lbs Georgia Tech $2,530,680
    Naz Reid11 C 20 6' 10" 264 lbs LSU $898,310
    Jeff Teague0 PG 31 6' 4" 195 lbs Wake Forest $19,000,000
    Karl-Anthony Towns32 C 23 7' 0" 248 lbs Kentucky $27,285,000

    Noah Vonleh1 PF 24 6' 9" 257 lbs Indiana --
    Tyrone Wallace3 SG 25 6' 6" 208 lbs California $1,588,231
    Andrew Wiggins22 SF 24 6' 8" 194 lbs Kansas $27,504,630
    Lindell Wigginton26 G 21 6' 2" 194 lbs Iowa State --
  14. Jimmy Lafakis

    Jimmy Lafakis Active Member

    Mr. Roach,

    While I believe he will spend a considerable amount of time in the G-League because of his contract, I think he’s going to tear it up there. Ever since he graduated from Butler, he’s improved from spot to spot. He contributed for the Jazz Summer League team in 2018, had a solid season overseas where he played against some tough competition and obviously went off this past summer. Some of the overseas foes were tougher than G-League guys. So I think it’s only up from here. It’s cool that you got to go to the game the other night. Go Dawgs.
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  15. Insane Dawg

    Insane Dawg Well-Known Member

    Martin was better than anyone on his summer league team but that doesn’t mean much I guess
  16. Gregory Roach

    Gregory Roach Active Member

    Jimmy and estar20dawg: Your thoughts and analysis are difficult to ignore. That being said, hopefully some extended minutes in preseason with the Wolves and domestic exposure in the G-League may make him attractive to other teams as the season and injuries wear on. Thanks guys for Wolves roster insights. Go Dawgs!
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  17. the_speakers_lab

    the_speakers_lab Well-Known Member

    NBA rosters are 15???
  18. estar20dawg

    estar20dawg Well-Known Member

    sorry, you are correct NBA roster size is 15, so I'd imagine Tyrone Wallace, Jaylen Nowell are locks as well and I'd guess Vonleh or Naz Reid would get the last spot
  19. Ster8462

    Ster8462 Active Member

    Kelan has to hope 2-3 players get hurt for 10 game stretches and he gets elevated to NBA roster for a majority of this injuries. I think if you sign a two way contract unless they renegotiate to full contract you can spend more than 40 games on NBA roster.

    Kelan maybe in top 15 but what type of contract matters. If he is #13 like better than better two fully guaranted’s he will likely stay on the Two-Way contract this year. Hate significant injuries but hopefully enough nagging ones that get Kelan on NBA roster for 20 plus games so he get minimum $ for NBA full season. I assume the minimum is at least $350,000 or more. If not hopefully he’s a stud in the D-League and someone will sign him next year to full NBA contract
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  20. NCJon

    NCJon Well-Known Member VIP Member

    It's 45 days, not 40 games, that a 2-way player can spend with the NBA club before they have to make a roster spot available. Depending on how the particular stretch goes, you're looking at like 19 or 20 games before that process kicks in.
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