Kelan Martin - 2014 Forward (Signed)

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    From the Indy Star:

    Although starting guard Caris LeVert missed his second straight game with lower back soreness, Pacers coach Rick Carlisle still had plenty to smile about after his team’s 111-100 win at Utah on Thursday.

    There were Malcolm Brogdon’s “quiet” 30 points, Myles Turner’s highlight-reel blocks and timely 3s, TJ McConnell’s fourth straight double-digit scoring game and, perhaps most surprisingly, Kelan Martin’s clutch fourth quarter.

    The third-year guard, who missed the first seven games of the season with a strained left hamstring, scored 11 of his season-high 14 points in the final period. Carlisle said Martin “starred in his role” as the Pacers handed the Jazz their first home loss of the season.

    “He’s a competitor, he’s a fighter. He’s got an edge, he plays with an edge,” Carlisle said. “He gets on the floor, he hits people, he’s unafraid. If you were in a street fight, I’d want that guy on my side every day of the week.”

    Martin said he was simply playing with the “trust” his coaches and teammates have given him. He shot 4-of-9 from the field in the fourth quarter and was 2-of-2 at the free-throw line.

    The former Butler guard also had four rebounds and two assists.

    “I try to go out every day and just try to do little things every time I’m on the floor,” Martin said. “Rebounding, guarding the best players, just doing a lot of the dirty work, and then the offense will be there. My teammates did a great job of finding me when I was getting hot towards the end of the game, and coach trusted me with the ball in my hands, so I was just making plays.”

    Malcolm Brogdon, who scored a season-high 30 points, said the NBA is all about opportunity,commended Martin for capitalizing on his opportunity Thursday.

    “Some guys are ready for the opportunity when they get it, some guys aren’t,” Brogdon said. “Kelan’s a guy that’s been ready for the two years I’ve played with him. He’s been ready for his opportunity, and now he’s getting an enormous opportunity, and he’s taking full advantage of it.

    “To be a guy that wasn’t playing much last year to now we come to Utah and he’s handling the ball for us, making tough shots at the end of the game to help close this thing out, that’s a drastic jump. He’s a guy that works extremely hard on his game and it’s paying off.”
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    Kelan with another 13 points in 25 minutes as the Pacers beat the Sixers. He’s solidified himself as a top 8 rotation player right now. He’s looking confident and the coaching staff has great confidence in him.

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    It's been great to see. I think if Edmund Sumner doesn't get injured, Kelan is cut after preseason. Now he has been scoring and looking really good on defense too. If he keeps it up for the full season he has another contract in the NBA coming up, for more money and with a bigger role. Great success story to grind his way to that from Europe to two way player to what he is now.
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    He has looked very good the last two games and is getting the fourth quarter crunch time minutes, so the staff and other players are really trusting him right now.

    It’s Awesome to see

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    Kelan leading scorer tonight for the pacers with 15 pts in 14 minutes after 3Qs

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