Kyle Young - 2017 Forward (Flip - Ohio St.)

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    Kyle Young 2018-2019 season:
    6.0 ppg 20.5 mpg
    4.4 rpg 67.2 fg%
    0.9 apg 16.7 3fg%
    58.3 ft%
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    Nice Athletic article about Young -

    It mentions how gracious Collier was to grant him his release. Sounds like Kyle ended up in a pretty dark place starting college with homesickness and his father's death still hurting him. A quote from his mother (hope no one takes this the wrong way): "“Thank God he ended up at Ohio State and not five hours away at Butler,’’ Mary says. “If we had gone through the same thing, with the homesickness, I don’t think he would have made it. Someone was looking out for us. That’s all I can say.’’
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    Young has been a solid starter at OSU . It’s very tough losing a parent at anytime but particularly when you are trying to adjust to college and the demands of playing a sport. I don’t take what his mother said other than referring to the distance and homesickness and her need for him to be closer.
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    Especially given the loss of his father, I never had a problem with him following Holtmann to OSU. I am glad he had his family close and it worked out for him.

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