Let's Do Something Special for these Seniors!!!

Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by MadDawg2020, Mar 12, 2020.

  1. MadDawg2020

    MadDawg2020 Member VIP Member

    Let's turn this negative into a positive. I can't imagine being in the shoes of our four seniors. The entire team/staff for that matter. They deserve better. Anyone have ideas?

    Now that the season is "over" can we send gifts?
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  2. pjohnsto2003

    pjohnsto2003 Well-Known Member

    Is an away DePaul victory possible?

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  3. MadDawg2020

    MadDawg2020 Member VIP Member

    You are WAY funnier than your twin brother...
  4. NCJon

    NCJon Well-Known Member VIP Member

    No. It's an improper benefit. Roy Williams got an NCAA violation at Kansas for giving small (less than $100) gifts to graduating seniors.
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  5. DawgFan

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