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    CTS was actually a part of Butler from 1855 until 1958. It was the Butler School of Religion and became a free-standing seminary in '58. The school of religion used to be in what is now Robertson Hall. A merger only make sense for both institutions partly because Butler was formed affiliated with the Disciples of Christ and CTS has maintained that as well as other church affiliations - it can spread the donor list as well as enhance the academic opportunity...
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    I don't think that there is any interest in Butler reaffiliating with the church. Butler has been a secular institution for a long time now.
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    I'd prefer the university to not be affiliated with a religion.
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    I would only be on board if they promised to name Kim Davis dean of the school.
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    +1. I don't think there's any chance it'd happen, anyway. When you've been secular for as long as Butler has, it's going to be really difficult to become affiliated with any religious sect without upsetting/alienating the majority of your alumni base (as no religious sect has anything near a majority at Butler; my guess is there are more Catholics than anything else, but I'd be surprised if it were more than a third. I guess if you lump all protestants together, you'd probably have over 50%, but if you go that route you're still going to alienate the largest plurality (Catholics) as well as any non-christians).
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