Mark Smith - 2017 Point Guard (Illinois)

Discussion in 'Recruiting Archive' started by Jared Grubbs, Feb 3, 2017.

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    Illinois and it was the most painful announcement video ever. Not because of him but because the AD took over 15 mins to talk how great this high school is and etc.

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    So we'll just pick this thread back up in ~2 years?

    But seriously, good luck to him.
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    Penn State just went into Illinois tonight and blew them out of the water by 22. Illinois is brutally bad, and I’m not sure that one 5-Star kid they have coming in is going to make it any better. They have nothing inside.

    Hope he’s happy with his decision.
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  8. Hinkle

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    I'm surprised Illinois is as bad as they are (I knew they wouldn't be good, but I didn't expect 2-11 in a crappy Big Ten and a sub-100 Kenpom ranking). But I'm even more surprised Smith has been as ineffective as he has been. He's been terrible on both ends of the floor. I know he's a freshman, but man. His offensive rating of 77 in Big Ten play makes Aaron Thompson's look Steph-Curry-esque. What's even more alarming, though, is that his defensive rating is the worst on their entire team - including walk-ons and guys who never play.

  9. huss587

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    Being a former crazy Illini fan, like I’m now a crazy Butler fan, I’ll causally follow them. It’s disappointing seeing them find ways to lose games like DePaul and 11-game losing streak SJU does/did. Seems like ages ago when they consistently competed for a B1G championships, will be interesting to see if Underwood ever rights the ship.

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  10. Insane Dawg

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    Illinois' recruiting strategy has been really baffling. They have either 7 or 8 guards on their roster and continue to recruit more with one five star guard coming in next year. For some reason they are focused on small ball.
  11. Scaggmatic

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    “Roy Schmidt (@prepbullseye ) reporting Mark Smith transferring from Illinois..........if true.... best of luck to Mark with his future.”

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  12. Irishdawg

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    They press a ton, so they need a lot of guards and wings to keep that up as long as possible.

    Assuming the rumors of him transferring are true, I'm not against bringing him in because I think in the right environment and given an additional year to get the lay of the land and work on his game he can be a great piece for any team, but definitely want to make sure the coaching staff does their homework, as he did commit to this style of play initially. Need to find out from him why he thinks Butler (or wherever he winds up at) would be a better fit and what he could bring to the team. His minutes didn't really decrease during the season, but he was basically their worst offensive and defensive player in their regular rotation this season. Sometimes that happens as a freshman and things work out with a change in environment, sometimes it doesn't.
  13. Hinkle

    Hinkle Well-Known Member

    There's no way around it: Mark Smith has been bad this year on both ends.

    But still, he's a very good athlete and from all accounts is a really great kid. With a year off to develop and as part a new system, it's probably worth the chance that he takes a big jump forward if we're given the opportunity. He only shot 24% from three this year, but he did shoot 80% from the free throw line on 50 attempts. Kelan Martin also shot 24% from three as a freshman (70% from the free throw line). Elijah Brown shot 26% from three as a freshman (85% from FT line) and 2 years later shot 39% on a really high number of attempts.

    It's concerning that he was so bad at defense this year, but then again he was a freshman, the team was terrible at defense, and he's a good enough athlete that he could figure it out.

    There's some risk he never becomes anything near what people thought he'd be, but we've got the scholarships necessary to make this a worthwhile gamble.
  14. Dawgedd

    Dawgedd Well-Known Member

    I assume if we had a legit shot, we have to choose between him, Norman, and Armaan Franklin? Or do you think we are after 2 of the 3 (assuming they would want to come to Butler).

    I know there is a debate on the board about what is more important--getting more guards or another 4/5 big. If I have it correctly, we have 2 spots for 18' (one of which would be used by smith if we want him/he wants us) and 1 more in 19? So technically we could take Smith and a 1 year grad transfer this year and then have 2 more spots in 19', since the grad transfer would only play in 18-19.
  15. estar20dawg

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    Armaan Franklin is 2019 and unrelated to this, I don't think they play anything close to the same position. I definitely think Norman and Smith is more of a pick 1, but pretty sure we still want Franklin no matter what separately.
  16. bumba

    bumba Well-Known Member

    Smith & Franklin play side-by-side. Norman goes to prep school.
  17. dawgnation

    dawgnation Active Member

    We don’t need all 3 no matter what year they become eligible. We already have Kamar and Aaron. Would prefer Mark over Lamar IMO.

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  18. seadawg

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    As a contrarian, I'd take Lamar. I like the 27.8 scoring average.
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  19. bumba

    bumba Well-Known Member

    We could use Smith because Thompson can't score at the 1. We could use Franklin because Baddley can't score 2-3. Norman is undersized for high major basketball, which is probably why no schools are offering him (sorry if Dad is reading this).

    Smith could easily help this team - especially once he, David, Brunk and Tucker are eligible together. That would be a damn good lineup.
  20. DawgsMD

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    Baddley can’t score? Interesting take given his role and performance this season...

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