Mason Gillis - 2019 Forward (Purdue)

Discussion in 'Recruiting Archive' started by Jared Grubbs, Jan 11, 2015.

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    Per usual, this is DEAD WRONG. But hey, I was a recruit, played D1 football, have hundreds of friends/teammates who went thru the process, hosted recruits myself, and have friends who are GAs/coaches. But I’m sure your resume compares and you know more??

    Coaches ask kids for things all the time like this, and in many cases they follow it. Each situation is unique, obviously, but to suggest what you suggested is just ignorant and wrong.
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    Why is the default assumption for some posters always that our staff is incompetent? I’m not saying the staff is above criticism. But some posters act like our staff has less of an idea of what they are doing than a bunch of fans - and it’s been like this dating back to Stevens’ time at Butler.
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    It's just worry and hope. Kind of like the ebbs and flows during a game. I like the fact that people care. If we didn't have these overreactionary posts, we wouldn't have much Butler Basketball discussion right now. I could do without people turning on each other. But, other than that, keep the dialogue going and let's hope for some good news. Go Dawgs!!

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    Hard to do in homes when on Break but pretty sure his phone works just fine. Noticed that some of Painter’s in homes aren’t for another week or longer. So much time left in the ‘19s recruitment, and BU has been listed as showing interest in several transfers. Guarantee things are happening under the radar.
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    Let's hope so.
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    Has anyone ever seen Title and Eeyore in the same room together?
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    It’s not that the staff is incompetent, it’s wondering where the activity is. Holtmann, Steele, and Painted all having in home visits with two key recruits for us, all have a commitment or visits from transfers, and we have zilch. That’s concerning. Until we get a top 25 class year in and year out, I’ll keep wondering what we’re doing. They haven’t earned any benefit of the doubt in recruiting. I think Vall has the chops (staff not so sure), but I haven’t seen much aside from Tucker to prove that.
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    Villanova's last 6 class rankings:
    2017 - 28th
    2016 - 45th
    2015 - 29th
    2014 - 48th
    2013 - 36th
    2012 - 27th

    So if top 25 classes are your benchmark for you to stop wondering what Butler's doing in recruiting... then you're probably never going to stop wondering.
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    What’s the average rating of the players’ in each of those classes?
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    The lower-than-you-think ranking is just based on number of guys taken. They’ve had a top 75 ranked recruit every year. Many times top 25 (Brunson, Spellman). Booth and Bridges top 80. Donte top 125. Jay Wright is a terrific coach and they have a terrific culture (like we have), but it’s not rocket science, it helps to have really, really good players. The more we have the better we will be.

    You win big in the tournament with NBA guys (even Brad tells you that - look at years with Gordon and Shelvin compared to others). The awe shucks we’re just fine stop complaining attitude is not going to get us in the top echelon of the big east year after year. We need really good players. I think Vall can get them, but I have to see more than what I’m seeing right now.
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    I'm 100% sure "the awe shucks we're just fine stop complaining attitude" has almost zero impact on Butler's ability to get into the top echelon of the big east year after year.
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    Xavier in home last Thursday, Butler and Purdue both coming in and hearing a lot from Ohio State.

    Mentions we were his first high-major offer and likes how we fight as a program. Says Vall is doing a great job, builds relationships with players and thinks he'll keep Butler at the top.

    Still trying to get to know coaches and his options and doesn't want to put a timeline on anything yet.
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    Does he give any context on the other schools? Just wondering
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    Nothing super specific, Steele re-enforcing X's interest as the new head coach, has a great relationship with Painter, Ohio State starting to take notice and he's going to get down there in the spring. Appreciates all the coaches believing in him and what he can do.

    For those that like to read into things, I definitely thought the Butler quotes were the least generic of the 4.
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    Encouraging news from Gillis, hopefully he continues to be a priority.
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    Misleading post. Every one of the contributors on their teams are top 100 with the expection of Donte and Gillespie. Brunson and Spellman are top 25 guys. Hart, kris, booth, bridges, archie, ochefu, Crosby roundtree are all top 100. They are landing 1-3 4* guys each class and two 5* guys that are multi year players. Those are the perfect guys to land - it’s like Swanigan, Zeller, D.J. white, etc. Had way bigger impacts on the team than a one and done.
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    It's not misleading at all. It simply shows what their class rankings were. You inferred that it meant I was stating that Villanova didn't get highly rated guys. My post was a reply to peeps112 who set an arbitrary mark of "until we get a top 25 class year in and year out, I'll keep wondering what we're doing" to show that I disagreed with that approach. If you want to simply take their average player rating in each class off of 247 sports and measure that against the rest of the country, here's where they wound up:

    2017 - 22nd
    2016 - 17th
    2015 - 27th
    2014 - 7th
    2013 - 43rd
    2012 - 30th

    I'm not arguing that ratings don't matter. I'm simply saying they aren't the end all, be all to Butler's future success, in either the Big East or the NCAA tournament. Marquette has gotten similarly rated guys to Villanova (3 of the 6 years shown above they had a better class, and 4 of the 6 years the avg rating of the players they've gotten were higher), and they've had 2 tourney appearances and an Elite 8 (one tourney appearance during the NBE), while Villanova has had 6 tourney appearances, 3 round of 32s and 2 National Titles.

    Getting back to Gillis, he's a top 150ish kind of player and would be absolutely huge for Butler to get. Judging simply from his 247 rating, he'd be the 2nd most highly rated player to Joey Brunk that Butler's gotten since the switch in leagues. But it wouldn't mean anything unless he and the other guys around him continue to develop their games to get to the peak of their potential as individual players, and more importantly, as a team.
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    Rabjohns saying that Gillis had a very good weekend at Indyball and has taken some steps forward. Sounds like Purdue is in deep with him to go with X (no surprise) and us. Would be a great get for us.
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