Matt Johnson Transforming Dawgs

Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by BHayden, Nov 29, 2018.

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    So excited that the team has a dedicated strength and conditioning coach. I always felt BU players physically didn't look like other high major schools. Even more excited to see Golden play. I think he's going to be a beast.
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  3. dawgs2014

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    I actually completely agree that we have never appeared physically imposing.

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    When I first heard we hired a S&C coach after Lavall was hired, I was happy, but I was also WTF shocked. We're in the Big East w/ conference affiliation money that comes w that. We were nickel and diming our HC's salary and his Assistants'. And we didn't have our own S&C coach that's standard in the Power 5 conferences... just another reason I hold no malice towards Holtmann for leaving for tO$U

    Glad to hear we've stepped up our game, the players have bought in, and the muscle mass improvement numbers. I like David Woods
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  5. Hinkle

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    This was badly, badly needed. It's impossible to know, but I'd bet his hiring played a real role in how well Butler's defense was able to play against Florida (its third game in three days).
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    I commented then that I was surprised that we showed no sign of being tired against Florida in our third game in three days.

    Dawg2014 you agreed with me again! I feel so disoriented now.
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    Agree such a
    Big hire for the program plus following the players on social media they seem to also love him
    Which is great
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