McDermott (Sean) vs McDermott (Doug)

Discussion in 'Current Butler Players' started by Staxawax, Jan 28, 2020.

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    I mislead in the title of the thread a little because there is no comparison on each’s college career. Duggie Mcbuckets was the man in college!
    I’m more interested in how each is a value to their current team. Have you watched any Pacer games? Doug comes off 1 or 2 screens and is wide open to launch the 3-ball. And he’s 2nd in the league for 3-point % at 48%.
    I know he has a high motor and is more durable than Sean, but help me to understand how we don’t run the same play to get Sean multiple looks per game.
    Is it the fact that in the association players can’t help as much because everyone’s good? I don’t buy any perception that the NBA doesn’t play defense.
    On a side note, if you have the opportunity to watch the Pacers they are highly entertaining and well coached. And Thingamajig returns Wednesday.

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  2. bumba

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    I thought there was an The Athletic article about Doug a few weeks ago. Can't remember what it said but I thought it was positive. Haven't followed his career as much pre-Pacers but he's bounced around a bit.
  3. dawgs2014

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    I think you’re right on some of it-theres less help both because the players are better and the rules prevent it, but I think what it mostly is is that Sean isn’t the same type of shooter.

    He’s elite in spot up situations at 41%, but merely mediocre off screens at 29.2%.

    Doug, on the other hand, shoots 49% off screens.

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