Mid-Majors Thinking Big Again

Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by Jared Grubbs, Nov 8, 2011.

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    It's a pretty good article about how Butler has helped change the college landscape and open the door for other non-BCS conference teams to try and compete for a national title. It's not solely about Butler but not a bad read if you have the time.

    Mid-Majors Thinking Big Again
  2. Title

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    These things have popped up. They are absurd.

    What North Carolina does doesn't indicate what Iowa State can do.

    What Butler is took 20+ years to build to with a commitment to the program that is very rare.

    There's a reason why of the 250+ teams doing it, only Gonzaga, Butler, and Xavier have achieved it.

    It's impossibly rare. You can buy lottery tickets at the same gas station as the Powerball winner too.
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    Liked the article-nothing he said wasn't true-and, yes, it took a long time to build our program but it can be done in a shorter period of time IF the perception of the players is that they can compete well and be recognized in smaller programs. I do think the landscape is slowly changing in that regard. We may see more players choose small, great programs for personal reasons and still maintain hope that they can to end up in the big dance. It may be rare but when you think about it, it's rare for everyone to have the chance with the exception of a few programs.

    What's really rare is a coaching staff astute enough to identify potential in otherwise unknown players. It's especially unusual to have a coaching staff that's technically sound with player development, great "salesmen", and persistent enough to go for the known caliber players. We have that staff and the program to back it up. It's a process. With the "psychology" of the mid-majors changing to "The Little Engines Who CAN", so will the caliber of players who choose to commit to them.

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