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    What is your source for that assertion?
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    Wikipedia, duh

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    This is clearly a troll account. Stop feeding it.
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    I’m really a big fan

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    compromise...maybe 50 mil to science buildings and 50 mill to basketball?
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    I seriously doubt athletics would divide an earmarked donation for athletic improvements with other parts of the university.

    The monies earned from ticket sales and revenue do help fund academics (it’s often jokingly said that athletics fund first-year courses), but donations are another thing entirely. Earmarking donations for specific departments or purposes is common.
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    "And don’t get me started on Jordan Hall’s issues, which start with flooding stairwells in bad rainstorms. Hopefully those repairs do more than band aid the issue. I’ve heard people in tour group’s making negative comments."

    Does Ross Hall's basement still flood?
  12. bumba

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    If you take the long term view, creating more STEM grads that have high paying jobs will create more donors with disposable income to contribute. You have to plant and water the seeds before sunshine turns them into roses.
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    Not for much longer.
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    Somewhat on topic, but here are the most recently available Big East coaching salaries from the 2017 season. Holtmann wasn't overpaid by any stretch, but his wages were basically in line with everyone else in the league (with a couple of exceptions).

    1. JTIII - Georgetown - $3,970,827
    2. Jay Wright - Villanova - $3,878,768
    3. Ed Cooley - Providence - $2,605,342
    4. Chris Mullin - St. John's - $2,046,019
    5. Chris Mack - Xavier - $1,830,615
    6. Kevin Willard - Seton Hall - $1,810,908
    7. Chris Holtmann - Butler - $1,790,022
    8. Steve Wojciechowski - Marquette - $1,775,464
    9. Greg McDermott - Creighton - $1,527,721
    10. Dave Leitao - DePaul - $1,401,410
  15. Irishdawg

    Irishdawg Banned User

    Revenues and Expenses ranks from the 17-18 season (most recently available data)

    1. Marquette - $19,668,714
    2. Villanova - $17,605,994
    3. Xavier - $13,060,660
    4. Georgetown - $12,849,462
    5. Providence - $10,768,267
    6. Creighton - $9,017,209
    7. St. John's - $8,321,657
    8. Butler - $7,510,164
    9. DePaul - $7,080,194
    10. Seton Hall - $6,301,138

    1. Villanova - $14,791,481
    2. Georgetown - $12,849,462
    3. Marquette - $12,094,572
    4. Providence - $10,768,267
    5. Creighton - $9,017,209
    6. St. John's - $8,321,657
    7. Xavier - $8,062,088
    8. DePaul - $7,080,194
    9. Seton Hall - $6,301,138
    10. Butler - $5,507,238
  16. Insane Dawg

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    Most schools spend exactly what they took in whereas Butler netted $2 million.
  17. pjohnsto2003

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    We are asked to report this type of information on a regular basis. Some people take it seriously, others do not. It is easy to tell which ones actually give a crap.

    Find me any company in the world where expenses equal revenues down to the dollar and I’ll tell you that you found a unicorn.

    Crap in crap out and 6 of the 10 contribute to a pi$$ poor data set.

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    It's been pointed out before, but Butler avoids the rental expense of an NBA arena that most Big East programs have.
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  19. Insane Dawg

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    I find some of this interesting but also fairly meaningless. For instance probably Providence’s most successful sport and money maker is Hockey.I don’t think GT fields a football team.
    If money was that big a deal how can one explain 2009-2011 at Butler? Maybe it is facilities but that could not have been the case with Nova or why top players had gone to SJU. Does money buy more jets? Better food? Uniforms? Hotels?
  20. ButlerHomer

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    I always liked Gallahue. Very weird building that was kind of hard to navigate through, but I liked how it was very clearly a relic of the 70s. I'm glad they aren't completely tearing it down or anything at least.

    I'm sure for practical reasons for the students it needs more space of course, and the business school moving to the new building gives the opportunity as well.

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