Morris Udeze - 2021 Power Forward Transfer (Wichita State)

Discussion in 'Recruiting Archive' started by Jared Grubbs, Jul 20, 2017.

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    Here I was thinking Chrabascz played forward all those years. Guess you figured out all on your own that because when he went one on one on his dribble to the basket and turned his back during so many of those times that he was a post player. I'd bet pretty close to 100% of his moves on offense started somewhere on the perimeter (certainly outside of the paint) and facing the bucket. Or maybe you define him as a post because of some of Holtmann's wacky substitutions or because of foul trouble and Chrabascz was the tallest Butler player on the court at times and by default guarded the opponent's five. Still, not exactly my definition of a post player. Wideman a Senior, Fowler improving and showing some real progress last year and Brunk added to the mix, I thought there might be some decent and potentially consistent production out of the post position this season, even if by committee. Hence the comment in my post. But what do I know since I'm one those ill-informed BUTLER FANS.
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    Its almost like the past and the future are different, unrelated things.

    This is a RECRUITING thread, which inherently means we are talking about the future. Butler will have the worst class in the Big East after having the 7th of 10 last year. And there is absolutely no reason to see this change anytime in the future. (And they had a two man class of McD and Fowler too)

    Programs ebb and flow. Butler had a longer ebb than reasonably warranted, and thank god, that was fun.

    The roster is a disaster after this year, if nothing changes. Hopefully we luck into another Rotnei Clarke. It is luck we are left with
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    Cause those preseason rankings have been so spot on:rolleyes:

    13-14: Picked 9, finished 9
    14-15: Picked 7, finished T2-- 1 NCAA win
    15-16: Picked 3, finished 5--1 NCAA win
    16-17: Picked 6, finished 2--S16
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  4. theenforcer13

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    A squad filled with Horizon League-A10 recruits finished 2nd in the BE in 2015. Your schtick is so ****ing tired and has been for years.
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    ....and it is virtually never right!
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    Hey Title stick to cheerleading.
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    Im sure DePaul fans didn't enjoy becoming DePaul either. Someone has to be them. Those someones just tend to be the ones that don't spend at the top of their leagues, much less be so laughably in last place, that its almost a joke.

    Why is this even an argument? It just is how it is. Butler isn't doing what they need to be successful in the Big East in the future. Hopefully that changes. I certainly hope so
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    Wrong again. DePaul doesn't have fans.
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    I don't think anyone is arguing with you that, generally, more money = more success. The argument comes in your unwillingness (inability?) to engage in nuance and go beyond sweeping generalities.

    Believe it or not, grey exists.
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    According to some, at least 50 shades of it!
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    How many times does it need to be explained Butler is in the unique situation of not making lease payments from their basketball budget. Therefore the budget will always be comparatively smaller. Stick to blogging because you stink at business and finance.
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    More money does equate to success- see Louisville, Oklahoma State, Southern Cal, Auburn.
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    More like a visit from the FBI...
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    Well Butler now has a great selling point to recruits, we run a clean program

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    Am currently reading the account of the 2002-03 season in David Woods' book. For those tired of the above drivel, take a look at it. Such as blast to go through it again.
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    But was it? While the rest of us have been over here enjoying it, you spent basically the entirety of that "ebb" Chicken Little-ing BU. You dissolved into a "concerned alum" several years ago. And here you are again, predicting the end of times are nigh and we should all - I don't know - do something? (I never know what the point of the schtick is.)

    The law of averages says eventually Butler will spend a few consecutive years in the bottom half of the league without an NCAA bid and need to re-architect the program. Maybe that will be in 2019, maybe in 40 years. And I'm sure when that happens you'll mercilessly pat yourself on the back here and on Twitter. Just know it's met with a massive eye roll by pretty much everyone.
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    Do you think Lavall and company know of Morris's decision as of now? Would a recruit let them know the night before?
  19. Daddysmack

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    Yes, I'm sure they know. But they can't talk either way.

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  20. cornette33

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    Do you think that is why insiders on the 247 site have switched predictions? Some information leaked...

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