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Discussion in 'Non Sports' started by NCJon, Nov 13, 2019.

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    Very cool story. We went the year Dave broke his leg and played from the throne. Taylor came out front and did Under Pressure by Bowie & Queen late in the set. It was a blast.
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    Dang butler basketball is so hot right now the music thread and food porn thread are hard to find

    That means good things….

    Seeing charley Crockett tomorrow night and couldn’t be more stoked anyone seen him live?

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    I saw Charley Crockett back in 2015 when he opened for Sean Hayes at a small music club. It was my introduction to his music. My memory of him at that time was finding him really annoying. He had this big on stage persona worked out, but didn't really have the music to back it up.

    Now he's got the chops to go with that persona. I also think he's toned it down a bit and now he seems more authentic, if that makes sense.

    Anyway, I really want to see him again. I was supposed to catch him and Joshua Ray Walker together last fall but Covid interrupted those plans.

    My efforts to see a good live show are snake bit. The last show I went to was the Tyler Childers-Sturgill Simpson arena tour right before everything shut down due to covid in March 2020. I've had tickets to four shows in the last 8 months where either the show didn't actually happen or I ended up not being able to attend.

    I'm jealous. Have fun.
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