New Blue Uniforms

Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by Mad_Dawg 48, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. NCJon

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    Yes. The blues are alternates.
  2. bmradio99

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    After seeing the new home whites in game photos and video, I still can't shake being bothered by that stupid double shoulder stripe.

    The addition of another contrast-color element decreases the quick legibility of the nameplate and adds unnecessary complexity to what should otherwise be a clean look. It hearkens back to the awful 2016 Adidas template, which was universally panned. It's just...ugh. Seeing all the new uniform combos for CBB teams this year posted by UniWatch, it's clear that many are opting for the more throwback-looking combos, especially with the contrast waistband. Which is cool! I dig it! But not like this.

    That stupid contrast stripe honestly makes this one of my least favorite Butler uniforms ever. Without that, I'd put this template easily in my top 3 favorites.

    Dp1CxsXWwAIjmZC.jpg img-bu-102918.jpg

    A minor bit of Photoshop work yields a much better look. Imagine the possibilities!

    Dp1CxsXWwAIjmZC-better-thumbsup.jpg img-bu-102918-better-thumbsup.jpg

    Okay, I'm done ranting, probably.
  3. Irishdawg

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    These unis don't bother me that much, and if the kids like them, that's all that matters. Whether or not my aging eyes can read their names or enjoy them is of little importance. If Dave Peach starts calling out the wrong names during games because of it, then my opinion might change.
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    “Wear your favorite butler blue besides these jerseys that we don’t sell”

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    LOL and for a home game? Sure. Whatever makes 'em happy I guess.

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