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Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by bumba, Apr 23, 2022.

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    Transfer portal and NIL have become a joke. Long term sustainability for both is limited. Has to be. I'm all for allowing kids to transfer. How many 18 year olds make good decisions? So let everyone transfer one time within their first two years without having to sit out a year. No penalty. Transferring as an upperclassman will require sitting out a year unless there are extending circumstances, such as an illness at home, head coach leaving, etc. Limited reasons for not having sit out a year if you leave as a junior or senior. Limit transfers to 2 times over 4 years for each kid, unless for extenuating circumstances and by petition only. Over 1600 kids in the transfer portal this year is laughable.

    NIL is totally being abused. Who saw that coming? Best comment I heard recently was that these kids are actually being paid to play and not really for their name, image or likeness. Have you seen some of the "efforts" put forth by so-called sponsors to live within the NIL rules that really have zero positive impact on the business/supporter who is paying? It's a joke. Don't kid yourself either if you don't believe that schools are not involved in these negotiations or at least setting up the situations or greasing the skids for kids being paid. This will be short lived. U. of Miami will be the poster child here for change.

    What's wrong with a four year full ride with a grand or two a month for pocket money? And maybe even a lease on a "reasonable" car while on the team, for each kid on the roster. Isn't that enough? The argument that "someone is making money off of me" doesn't cut it. So what? Welcome to the real world. So as a college athlete going in you know the set-up. Live like a king for 4 years and get a college degree. If you don't like it, skip the college experience, move on and get a job. Then the only one who makes money from your efforts will be your employer. That's how the real world works. Life's a b!tch. Sorry, I simply don't possess much empathy for the student athlete argument here.
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    I wonder if NIL will evolve at the pro level because of what's happening in college. An NFL or NBA team with limited cap space picks up a free agent or re-signs someone to a below market salary offset with an above average local or regional NIL deal
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    In NBA parlance, this is called circumvention and Article XIII of collective bargaining agreement explicitly prohibits it (as well as more creative things like the time Spencer Dinwiddie started a GoFundMe campaign to let fans choose where he would play next). The select schools that emerge out of all of this and form a breakaway entity would probably do the same.
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    After they're done in DC, they should head up to NYC to beg the NBA to repeal the one-and-done rule when the CBA expires after the 23-24 season.
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    The NCAA needs to work with the NBA and get some things figured out. Deregulated/Unregulated free agency is part of the reason MLB isn't nearly as popular as it used to be. If anything can be learned from CBA history in professional sports, it is that parity sells.
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    The one-and-done rule came from the NBPA, not the NBA. Team owners would love to be able to lock in 18 year olds fresh out of high school.

    Also, once again, the NCAA has (almost) no authority here unless Congress gives it an antitrust exemption. The majority of things people are proposing here that the NCAA do would quickly get struck down for being anticompetitive.
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    When I saw this headline I couldn't stop thinking of Chapelle's Show black Bush skit when Dave says, "UN, you have a problem with that? You know what you should do? You should sanction me. Sanction me with your army. Oh! wait a minute! You don't have an army! So I guess that means you need to shut the **** up! That's what I would do if I don't have an army, I would shut the **** up".

    NCAA and some of these AD's are absolutely naive if they think they are going to be able to enforce pay for play rules at this point in this current structure.
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    This one slipped under the radar a bit and the comments by OSU AD are a whole heck of a lot more interesting:
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    Maybe in American professional sports. Not in the rest of the world - parity is not a consideration elsewhere.
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    One to watch for all those interested in NIL: if you've been following all of this the past couple of years you know the name Romagi Huma. He ain't no joke.

    Also, Saban's comments has NIL world on fire but the more telling ones were in his save face interview where he said Bama is setting up a fund to pay every scholarship player £25k, what he calls 'parity'.
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    I would absolutely love it if they paid Alabama football players in pounds.
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    Also Jair Bolden
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    That backpack is tempting. I can’t fit into any of the clothes.

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