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Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by BU Fan in Illinois, Nov 17, 2021.

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    Tonight, was another example of a Laval Jordan team not being ready for prime time. If you thought tonight was tough wait until they play Houston.

    This program is at a crossroads. There are 7 players on the roster with 4 or more years college experience, many who have said that they came back because they didn’t like how last year went. Well from what I have seen so far this season, these 7 don’t have the skill set or mental toughness to make this year any different from last year. Since Laval’s arrival I have questioned this team’s mental toughness. Where are the Kamar Baldwins and Sean McDermotts? They were not pleased with how their junior year went and made a statement in 2019-20. They willed the team to many wins that year, who can take on that role this year? Is it AT? I don’t think so. When things go bad, he becomes frustrated and makes too many mental mistakes.

    A decision needs to be made, do we stay in the Big East and compete for championships every year or just take the TV money and be happy? If it is the latter, then go back to the Horizon League. The fanbase will be happy with conference titles and going to the tournament like the old days.

    We saw what the Butler Way could do when building the program through the 1990’s and early 2000’s but does that culture work today? If we are to complete in the Big East a culture shift is needed (sorry all of you Butler Way fanatics) one that encompasses element of the current culture but one that attracts an 18-year-old prospect. If you were an 18-year prospect, would you want to come to a program coached by a staff that is on the verge of its 3rd losing season in 5 years?

    I say it is time for Barry to ride off into the sunset and the university needs to bring in someone who does not have ties to Butler. An AD from a Power 5 conference who understands what it takes, money and sponsorships, to compete for championships each year. The coaching staff need to go as well. The program needs too need someone without Butler ties, one who doesn’t accept the status quo, one who can change with the times and doesn’t just attract 5-star or high 4-star recruits but signs them.

    It is time for the program to be known for winning again and not one known for playing in a historic gym where the movie Hoosiers was filmed or the school with the cute mascot. These things don’t attract recruits, winning does.
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    This isn't Title is it?! All kidding aside I thought the same during the gm. I like Lavall but I think it is time by the end of the yr. I hope otherwise but we will see.

    I wondered if another non Butler guy coached here with our lack of a budget what the results would be?
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    It was embarrassing. Butler will be among the bottom 2 or 3 teams in the Big East. But what’s worse is that I fear it is going to get worse, this year and beyond, before it gets better. LJ doesn’t have the ability to coach or recruit his way out of this, so it is going to be a death spiral over the next few years.

    The only way out of it is to start investing in the program like it is the most important thing at the school — because it is. Butler has unique inherent advantages that other schools trying to leap to elite NCAAM status don’t — no other athletic program (e.g., football) of anywhere near the same importance to distract focus or resources, a basketball-crazed alumni network in a basketball-crazed state, a relatively recent history of great success, a historic venue, etc. An elite NCAAM program wouldn’t “fit” at many schools. But, at Butler, the basketball program should be seen as a program that drives everything — exposure for the university, money for hiring better faculty, money for campus improvements. Butler MUST be elite.

    It’s a chicken and egg thing to a degree. But I don’t buy into the idea that Butler can’t spend more on the basketball program because it simply doesn’t have the resources. It has no choice but to invest in the program because it should be THE defining characteristic of the school and everything else will flow from that.

    For most people, Duke is defined by basketball even though the university is so much more. But a ton of that “so much more” is the direct result of Coach K spinning off zillions of dollars to the university. I don’t know the story behind how Gonzaga leapt to the NCAAM elite level. But they clearly invest tons in the program now understanding how much it does for the university. And Gonzaga wasn’t even a blip on the college basketball landscape 30 years ago and only started becoming elite about 10 years ago. Butler has so many more inherent advantages and such a better head start than Gonzaga had.

    Act like you belong in the Big East and commit to being elite! The fan base and history of the program deserve it!
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