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  1. SnoopDawg

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    I'm gonna go with:

    Payton Pritchard
    Kyle Guy
    Franz Wagner
    Zak Irvin
    Jaxson Hayes
    Demetrius Jackson
    Cody Zeller
    Gary Harris (Can't remember if he was seriously considering us or not)
    Malcom Brogdon (Also can't remember if he was seriously considering, but we offered)
    Aaron Henry
    Tyrell Terry
    Yogi Ferrell (Can't remember if he was seriously considering us or not)
    Armaan Franklin

    So I can't really narrow that down, but it's mostly in priority of how I would have wanted them. Franz is probably the one that hurts the most to me.
  2. 314Dawg

    314Dawg New Member

    Was Trey Lyles seriously considering Butler? I know we made his final 4. Obviously was going to be a long shot.
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  3. seadawg

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  4. seadawg

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    Absolutely, it would have changed the recruiting landscape for BU. Not limited to only Indiana players either. Educationally perhaps Luke made the correct choice, basketball wise not so much. I felt BU was a legit and logically destination at the time. Needless to say it would have opened some doors that are still somewhat closed.
  5. nicklas_early

    nicklas_early Well-Known Member

    One that Butler DID get that I think can change the landscape: Scooby Johnson. Obviously, if he can return to top shape from his injury and have a solid career as a Bulldog. Being able to pull Mr. Michigan Basketball out of the state ran by Izzo and Howard (Beilein for part of Scoob’s recruitment) is a huge deal. Even if it is just about perception.

    Along those lines, if LaVall could have gotten Zeb Jackson to commit I believe it would have really helped the trajectory of Butler’s recruiting among highly touted recruits. I feel similar about Aaron Henry, as well - even though he wasn’t highly ranked.
  6. ButlerHomer

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    Cody Zeller has to be the answer. 5 star massive recruit, Mr. Basketball, and the momentum after the first Final Four would have been program changing. Sometimes for smaller schools I think bigger recruits don't want to be the first to go there. Zeller could have led to Irvin, Blueitt, Lyles, and more and turn us into Gonzaga.
  7. Hinkle

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    I’m actually not sure I’d say Zeller simply because he was only a two year player and Smith was a good center his junior and senior years, which were the years Zeller would’ve been around. No doubt he’d have helped, but I think Bluiett and Guy would’ve done more for us. (I’m sure I’m forgetting several others.)

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  8. TheDawgDub95

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    I think I lean toward Zak Irvin on this. I think others have alluded to the fact we, likely, would have gotten Guy if not for Brad's departure which would totally change my answer for several reasons...

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  9. Shark

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    I'm going a bit older on this and saying Chris Thomas from Pike.
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  10. dawg767

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    Recency bias, but agree with Jaxson Hayes -- a One-and-Done that would have probably gotten 2018-19 Team to NCAA instead of quick NIT exit. Lavall was first in on him but couldn't close quickly enough unfortunately.
  11. iluvsnow

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