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Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by PSUButlerFan, Dec 22, 2020.

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    My friends close to the UD program pray every day to be in The Big East. The A-10 is a 2 team bid conference and the bottom half is real bad. Real Bad!
    The Big East has been a game changer for Butler and yes there will be challenging seasons to make the top half of conference (like this one) and becoming a perennial top 3 conference team is a stretch goal for Butler. As a season ticket holder, the quality of life at Hinkle for in conference games is beyond the pale great. Every single team is worth watching, capable of winning and hardly ever a bad loss if they do. I pinch myself every day with our good fortune and sharp leadership getting us in when we got in.
    Now for my shameless plug. If we are going to have 12 teams, Dayton is the top pick. They have every quality the Big East requires plus 2nd best arena (Creighton better), 2nd best fan base (Creighton and Marquette maybe but UD Travels big time), incredible basketball facilities, they are known nationally because of the play-in games and for a quality basketball history, their coach and team is rising right now. The biggest road block is X sharing their market, but if X is against it, are we not automatically for it?
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    I totally get and agree with everything you said about how great it is that we're in the Big East. The point I was trying to make was purely from a basketball success and program respect standpoint. There's still a small part of me that wishes we could go back to being able to take big swings at high-majors in the nonconference, win 2 or 3 of those matchups to get us in the rankings and then dominate our bad conference. Again, I know what I'm saying is mostly irrational especially in the long run.

    And yes, would LOVE if UD could get into the Big East. Those who really know the program know how deserving it is.
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    Don't want to turn this into an expansion thread, but I wouldn't want another nearby competitor for local talent. Elevating Dayton to Big East level would just crowd the market that much more. I'd have to guess that Butler and Xavier have both been against it. UConn was who the elder schools wanted back, BC is probably the only school that COULD be open in the future if the Big 12 goes away and it becomes a 4 x 16 football conferences. Dayton will likely be forever option 2.
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    Agreed. Bultler's basketball budget is last in the B.E. Nova spends almost 3 times as much.
    The problem is you guys. Had you been more successful at making money you would of been able to donate more to the program. Bigger budget, better coaches, more money to spend on recruiting, better team. But noooo, instead of being ambitious y'all want to spend all day on message boards. Let's put the blame where it belongs.

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    Thanks for the laugh.

    As far as basketball budgets go, I have to think some of that is because most BE teams have to pay to lease bigger arenas to play in.
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