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    Is that really a slap against Indy though? If I made millions of NBA dollars a year, I'd probably live in Hawaii in the offseason.
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    I’m sorry to break this to you, but hardly anyone lives in the city they play for anymore in the NBA. As soon as the season ends, they all go somewhere insane on vacation and then leave to train at professional training shops in Miami, LA, Texas, etc. (LA is insane during the summer w the number of pros training and playing pickup games) The way for a city like Indy or a team like the Pacers to win the championship is to do exactly what the Raptors just did or what the Milwaukee Bucks are doing. Draft well, build a team with good players on appropriate contracts, have a good coach and front office... then find a way to get a top 20 player. A team in Toronto, Canada just won an NBA championship! How many of them do you think live there 24/7/365!?!

    There’s also one Pacer who owns a place and lives here w his family almost all year, until he goes to train????
    He has a Butler connection
    he’s the longest tenured Pacer, I think 5+ years...
    Myles Turner
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    If I made 8 figures and had 4-5 months off, I wouldn't even be in the US.
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    Spot on, Chris. Way to be plugged in.

    I wonder what Kawhi Leonard thought of Drake being "heavily involved" in Toronto's pitch. Was it a big-time turnoff for him or did it intrigue him because it's an unofficial outside revenue stream that sweetened the pot the Raptors could offer?
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    Oh yeah the Pacers also have an A1 practice facility too, which helps some too... WELP

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    Jaxson Hayes had himself a game last night.

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