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Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by Staxawax, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Staxawax

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    WSU basketball lands versatile Indiana recruit

    Not impressed with the recruit based on his other offers, but the one thing that stood out in this was the fact Wright State over signed to get him:

    This is not a criticism of the WSU staff, just wondering when and if Butler would do this?
  2. Title

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    Would? Absolutely not. They even allow non-contributing 5th years.

    Should? That's another question.
  3. grtfldead

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    I wouldn't judge a player based on by whom he is recruited . There are many reasons why one flies under the radar, some by choice (and I've known a few) by virtue of which team AAU team they CHOOSE to join, and some by sheer bias and ignorance on the part of initial evaluators within the system-some just don't look as closely at 3A, 2A, etc players.

    Other players come from such strong programs, they don't even need them early on, allowing the coaching staff to development the player in time, hence unintentionally promoting anonymity. Being recruited involves luck, some self promotion (some are better than others at this), and connections.

    This kid shot 43% from the 3 point line, had 3.6 assists PG, 18.3 points, 2.5 deflections, and 1.5 steals per game. He also shoots 50% from the field and led his team to a 23-3 season last year. One article stated he had 57 offensive rebounds as well. He can ball by all accounts...and he's 6'6". If any school knows the value of recruiting under the radar players, it's Butler. I think Yoho will have a fine career at Wright State.
  4. Coogles

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    I'm generally very against over-committing.

    I don't think the goal should be to encourage roster turnover or have the thought of someone losing a scholarship hanging over the team. Three of Louisville's players this year are volunteering to walk on to make room for the newcomers. Easier to do at a state school with lower tuition costs, but "team above self" takes on all-new meaning in that situation.

    To your point, though, keeping Grant for that 5th year was just sort of silly. He can't practice every day, he can't play in games, but he consumes a full scholarship. I think it's entirely reasonable to say "Hey, if you want to stay with the team we would love for you to do so, but we need to use that scholarship on someone who has a chance to play or can at least help us every day in practice his first year."

    Stigall might actually be in a similar situation. He's sort of caught between positions. He's probably not skilled enough to be great as a 2, especially once Clarke becomes eligible, but he's not as physical as Jones, as tall as Smeathers, or as good of a shooter as Dunham. Seems crazy to think that a guy who started for us last year might not play much at all as a RS senior, but it's possible. There's no way they would add another in 2012 with Chase's scholarship, but many (most?) staffs would.

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