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    My son and I were there and I agree that it was brutal. I, on the other hand, would do it again in a heartbeat. It was a horrendous game, which would have all been forgotten if the outcome had been right. And, actually, we were up 3 at half and hit a 3 to start the second half, so were up 6 early in the second half. We couldn't hit the ocean with a shot and were still up 6, so I was actually feeling reasonably good at that point. Unfortunately, it went downhill from there as soon as UConn discovered that we couldn't handle their height. It was a big disappointment, but I wouldn't have traded the opportunity to be there for anything. You can't win if you don't play, and you'll never see a great game if you won't go because you're afraid you'll see an ugly one. My son and I have gotten more than our money's worth just from the memories from that weekend, even with the sad outcome to the championship game.

    What would have been brutal is if we had lost the VCU game. We went on the Butler charter and had to buy tickets to both the semis and the finals, and the return flight wasn't until the morning after the championship game. That would have been a very long weekend if we had lost Saturday evening, not to mention how awful it would have been to lose to VCU.
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    Are you seriously ****ing trying to accuse me of being an X fan? I know these are hard for you, but sorry they are FACTS. They only thing not a fact is the level to which K-State was tired. Butler got a ton of breaks. Still doesn’t mean it’s not ridiculously impressive to get to a Final game. Only 2/353 do every year. But Butler got a lot of breaks on their path. Wake up, old man.
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    I went to the San Jose first round in 2010 which was a lot of fun and of course the Final Four in Indy. I was at the MSU game with my son and got a call from my wife during the first half but couldn’t hear her because it was so loud. I told her I would call her back at half time. When I called her back I learned that our first grandchild was born during the first half in Austin, Texas.
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    LOL, you are so easily triggered!

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    I happened to be looking back at the #6 Butler- #3 Notre Dame tournament game in Pittsburgh from 2015 that Butler lost, 67-64, in overtime. Talk about a short bench: Butler's starters (Woods, Jones, Chrabascz, Dunham and Barlow) each played at least 40 minutes. Kam played all 45; Rosey played 44. The shortest least time of the five was Barlow, who fouled out. The only subs for Butler were two freshmen: Kelan (10 minutes) and Tyler (4). It wasn't much different for Notre Dame. All five of their starters played at least 38 minutes. Rosey led Butler with 23 points; AC had 20; Kam had 8 points, 15 rebounds, and 3 blocks. Butler had a chance to win it in regulation, but Dunham's 3-point attempt was blocked. Barlow fouling out doomed the Dawgs, as no one else could contain Jerian Grant. Great follow-up to Butler's opening round win over a Texas team that included Myles Turner (2 points, 10 rebounds and 4 fouls in 16 minutes). Unfortunately, they just couldn't close the deal against the Irish.
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    Then we probably shared a few helpings of BBQ and beers at Henry’s Hi-Life. My buddy and I went out to San Jose on a whim and there were only a few Butler fans for the weekend. It was a very fun crew!

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    For those who really want to torture themselves, CBS is broadcasting the 2010 title game next Sunday, 3/29 at 4 p.m. I believe is the time.
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    Watched 2010 regionals (Syracuse & KState) and National Semifinal (MSU). Many things I’d forgotten!
    Brad’s teams were incredibly sound on defense. The man-man and help with hard hedging at times completely closed down the opposition. It just seemed we had 6 players out there!
    I had totally forgotten how much Jukes and Andrew Smith were relied on. And they were solid and confident. I remembered Avery’s 10 point contribution in the championship game but he was a solid backup for Howard all through the tourney.
    We never shot the ball well, we had long periods of FG drought, but as the opposing coaches have said, physical and tough. Brought a new meaning to “the team that wins fails to outscore you”!
    Also had forgotten Shel missed half the MSU game because of cramps/spasms!

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    I was always amazed at the number of (losing) NCAAT coaches who said that Butler played the most physical defense of any team they had played all year.
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    Upload into a dropbox! You can password protect to avoid copyright.
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    Please please do this!! Or make a copy and send them to me and I’ll do it!
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    Saw the K-State game this afternoon. We really did not play that well, about 19 turnovers and Howard was out well over half the game. Got 10 points from Smith, VanZant and Jukes. That Hayward basket at 54-54 was a thing of beauty. Sure raised my spirit in light of all going on, and not going on.
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    Looks like they are airing the Butler Duke final next weekend on CBS. Think it is on Sunday at 3
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    It's amazing how excited I still get when watching these games, again this past week on YouTube.

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    Today around noon ESPNU is televising the Butler- Ol Miss game from this past December. KB went for 31 in that game
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    Please do drop them online or make copies for people like me. I would really like to see Butler/Utep, Butler/Murray, Butler/ODU and Butler/Pitt. Hell, even Butler/Arkansas!
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    17 years ago today!

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    Think you were talking about this? Butler defeats Louisville:


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