Paul Jorgensen - Transfer Guard (Verbal)

Discussion in 'Former Bulldogs' started by UDDawg, May 11, 2016.

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    The only "disaster" signing would be a kid who destroys Butler's good name with his actions outside the game of basketball. I would guess that won't be the case with this kid.

    At the end of the day, while I want Butler to win and do well, it's still only a disaster if they pick up guys with poor character and allow that to fester within the program.

    Everyone was thrilled around this time a couple of years ago when the Dawgs picked up Jackson Davis, including myself. That didn't turn out as well as we'd hoped on the court, but he was a good enough kid off of it that few, if any are calling him a disaster signing. If that's how it turns out with this young man, there are worse tragedies in life.
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    Long thread on GW board about the transfer. Gives some GW insight into his game. Some bad, some good. That one post about transferring out is probably an option for both parties. PJ could do the grad transfer thing if the 17-18 season in the Big East doesn't work. Butler really only tied for 1 playing season if things don't work. There's another thread on there that said PJ gained some weight. Some bad weight. Could be why he didn't improve. He's got a year to sit and get his body right, plus playing against Woodson/Savage/Baldwin/Lewis etc in practice should benefit him. Is he talented enough to make a dent in the BE? We won't find out for awhile. I would expect us to get another scholarship or two back next spring though. Most likely we will see a current player transfer and there is still the possibility Martin could be en fuego next season and opt for the draft. I don't see taking Jorgensen hurting our numbers for the 17 class, as things can change roster wise. I would still like to see us add Jamir Moultrie in 17.
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    Some tid bits from the GW thread:

    "Not going to play well at all in the Big East, he will be buried on the bench, not good news or a good decision IMHO. Wish he had chosen a place where he would have a better career, Butler? The Big East? Frankly I am shocked. Did they watch his A10 play the last 2 years? very surprising, even The Dude gets predictions wrong, touche, shocking though, serious Q, why in the world would Butler want a guy who can't defend and can't score vs A10 teams??? odd"

    "Do you gents watch Big East games? IF PJ can't defend mid level A10 guards how is he going to do against Big East players??? If she shoots 9 for 46 in the A10, will he thrive in the Big East? Well I hope he does, would be glad to be proven wrong."

    "This seems like a curious move for Butler when you consider that they play in the Big East and they had troubles with a point guard transfer who wasn't a good defender and a below average shooter last season. Did Butler or someone on their staff recruit Jorgenson when he was in high school?? Did Savage put in a good word for Jorgenson?"

    "In addition,it just feels bad that Paul is going to a program that is
    frankly better than ours!"

    "Not a lot of happy Bull Dawg fans about the Paulie signing. At least on, posters ussually wait a season before trashing a recruit."

    "Ouch! So much for Hoosier hospitality."

    "Those Butler fans on their hoops thread aren't very enthused about Jorgenson at the moment. Even the ones who are being positive are saying, "He Will Add Depth To Our Bench" and "We Signed Him Because The Staff Realizes We Aren't Going To Sign Any Of Our 2017 Targets.""
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    The hand wringing here over new recruits always amazes me.

    If a kid wants to play for Butler and the coaches want him to play for Butler then I want to give him a chance.

    I'm reminded of when Tyler Lewis announced he was transferring. Many of the same people criticizing Jorgenson were over the moon for him. I had some reservations from having watched a good bit of ACC ball, but you won't find me trashing the young man anywhere on this site and you never will because regardless of whether or not he's lived up to some people's expectations he has represented the program with class.

    The way I see it with Jorgenson is that, absent some off-the-court embarrassment, we're getting a kid with potential who will have a year to work on his game and whom Savage says is a great teammate. Looks like the floor with him is we get a solid player on the practice court who can provide some relief in games and the ceiling is however far he can push it. Sounds good to me.
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    No matter how one spins it or how many pairs of rose color glasses you put on this one doesn't make sense.
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    LOL ok bud. You're the one who says we are a middle of the pack BE team at best, when we've finished 2nd and 4th with Holt. Look at how Marquette and SJU finished last year. They had the best incoming classes in the BE. Look at the year prior. Maybe you will start to figure it out... Butler is not a mediocre program no matter how much you think they are.

    Is bringing in a Top 50 class out of 350+ mediocre? Is being in the top 15% of recruiting classes mediocre? Is playing in a major conference mediocre? Is hiring a recruiting star like Schrage mediocre? Etc etc
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    to you.

    we knew that already.
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    I would have hated to see the reaction back in the day when we brought Mike Green on. His numbers from his sophomore year are almost exactly the same as Jorgensen's from last year. I'm sure Savage provided some good feedback on this kid. Is he going to be a star? Probably not. Could he be a nice piece off the bench? Let's let him get on campus and work through his sit year before we eviscerate him.
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    Suppose Mr. Peters wants to come to Butler. Do any of you think Butler will say no? Neither do I.
    Suppose Mr. Martin goes pro in 2017.
    Suppose Mr. McDermott is half as bad as most of you think.

    In 2017-18 Butler will have three returning forwards; two 6-10 guys and Mr. Wideman. Do any of you think any of these can play small forward? Neither do I.

    Butler will have four guards, one who will be a freshman (the only one from 2017 who has been signed) two sophomores and Mr. Jorgensen. Except for Mr. McDermott (whom most of you think is a total waste) there is NOBODY to play small forward for 2017-18.

    Butler recruited Mr. Jorgensen because they wanted him. The did NOT recruit a small forward; they could have done so. They figured they needed depth at guard; Mr. Baddley will certainly be expected to get some minutes at small forward.

    The high school class of 2017 (except for the one who has signed) are fish in the lake. Those who are in high school have not been examined. The Butler coaching staff knows a whole lot more about what their redshirt freshman can do than they know about Mr. Baddley. Therefore, Mr. McDermott has already been penciled in as a starter in 2017-18.

    Mr. Jorgensen's best game was against Virginia. Many of you will trash a player who pads his stats against bad teams. You will claim that player can not play against the best. Mr. Jorgensen (and Mr. Chrabascz) played well against the best. Many times I have seen a small thing in a player and jumped on that thing, pro or con. Evidently Butler saw something they liked. They got him at great cost. They can not recruit a small forward.

    All of you who love to trash Mr. McDermott have to make a decision. Either you were wrong or the entire Butler coaching staff has gone brain dead. I do not think the last is correct. Therefore, they are not brain dead in giving Mr. Jorgensen a scholarship.

    Welcome to Butler, Mr. Jorgensen.
  11. Insane Dawg

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    It tells me he is the best point guard that we can get to even visit.
  12. indienapolis

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    I'm in agreement with the "If the coaches want him and he wants Butler" group. And it would be nice to have a dedicated back up point guard that isn't playing out of position or one of the walk-ons. After reading this article though, I wonder if there isn't more of an upside that the coaching staff is looking at. The article seems to tell a story of New York streetball prospect that has had trouble adjusting to the college game and is looking to shore up his fundamentals elsewhere. With a year to learn our system, and a nod from Savage I wonder if there's some hope for him reaching a higher potential that has eluded him at GW?

    It's a fair question as to why we should expect better of him, but I have to assume the coaching staff sees something they believe they can coach that the GW staff couldn't. Wishful thinking? Anyone around here more familiar with his background beyond his stats at GW?
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    If you don't trust the coaches, believe in the "Butler Way," and want what the coaches want, you're not a true, real fan.

  14. Insane Dawg

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    I do trust the coaches, believe in the Butler Way and believe Jorgesen is the best point guard we can recruit until proven otherwise.
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    Someone needs to come up with a drinking game related to Sonbog's posts. I need something to help get through them.

    I'm sorry, Mr. Sonbog.
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    it reminds me of when etherington committed. everyone assumes hes going to be bad so theres not a lot of pressure on him. whatever positive hes able to contribute becomes a bonus.
  17. ConnersvilleBulldog

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    It can go the other way too, though.

    If you don't immediately criticize every move that the staff makes you are a Butler-glasses, rah-rah, sheep who puts blind faith in everything the coaching staff does - and you love & accept mediocrity!

    In this situation especially, no one has claimed that the move is amazing. But rather, they are taking a rational wait-and-see approach before panicking. Why that pisses off some posters, I'm not really sure.
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    Your analysis warranted nothing more than a one word summary. I apologize if that offends you. Sometimes facts hurt.
  19. I Am Butler

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    Who in the hell is championing it as a brilliant signing? It appears to me the divide is those who hate it and those IN the very middle ground you claim doesn't exist who think it's fine for purposes of depth.

    Are you so deep in your melancholy state of existence that indifference is interpreted as joyful exuberance?

    Put down the bottle, Willis.
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    Love him already.

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