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    #2 Aaron Thompson
    Sophomore Point Guard
    6'2" - 185 lbs
    Glen Dale, Maryland

    Last year's stats: 35 G, 4.3 PTS, 1.4 REB, 3.4 AST

    Despite not having numbers that will pop off the chart at you, Thompson was vital to the success of Butler last year. Thompson is a guard who started 32 games last year and his decision making with the ball really helped Butler out. Thompson is a good ball handler who is able to help create for others. But more importantly, Thompson is the guy who is able to play tough perimeter defense helping Butler keep the opposing shooter in check.

    Thompson garnered over a steal per game last year and likely will increase that mark this year. He is really vital to the defensive efforts of Butler and that will be the same this year and as he moves along in his career. The most scrutinized aspect of his game that Butler fans will be watching this year is his scoring. Last year, scoring for Thompson wasn't easy to come by. He struggled shooting the ball putting up a 39 percent shooting percentage and only scoring 149 points all year long. For a player who has the ball in his hands a lot, that isn't good.

    He should be able to take that step this year and convert a little better on his shooting. Thompson is able to get into the lane, but can't easily finish through contact. Getting stronger over the offseason will help and so will playing a more spread to offensive attack. This year Butler is going to need players to step up and drive the ball to the basket. Thompson has that in his game and we should see him look to become more aggressive this year.

    Thompson will be a big piece to the puzzle for Butler, especially now that Kelan Martin has moved on. We know what we will get from him already. Good ball handling and good court vision but now he needs to step up his scoring. Increasing his average by three to four points isn't hard to see and would help to relieve some pressure on others if he can prove that he can hit a jumper every so often. I look for Thompson to have a very solid year.

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