Player Breakdown: Campbell Donovan

Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by MasonHAsher, Oct 19, 2018.

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    #0 Campbell Donovan
    Sophomore Point Guard
    5'11" - 170 lbs
    Fort Wayne, Indiana

    Last year's stats: 10 G, 0.5 PTS, .1 STL, .1 AST

    Campbell Donovan is a perfect guy to start our Butler season preview series off with. You always need those guys who come to practice every day and bring it. That's what you get with the walk-on Donovan. He's a smaller guard but smart with the ball. He's physical on defense and that showed in the limited time that he saw of the court last year.

    We love to see walk-ons get on the floor and show us what they can do. The energy of seeing hard work pay off in the way of a basket or assist makes the crowd go crazy. Last year Donovan made one shot, a three-pointer, and the crowd went wild. Seeing things like his teammates go crazy really helps put in perspective how much he means to the team.

    This year Donovan won't project to see much playing time. He'll be the guy doing all the little things behind-the-scenes that fans don't see. Donovan is a guy that every team needs, and Butler is a better team for having him.
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    I was at the game where he hit that 3. And yes, the crowd went crazy! The person next to me asked why everyone went crazy in a game already decided. I got to explain that Campbell is a walk-on and doesn't get to play much, and is a crowd and team favorite for his dedication to the program and the Butler Way.

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