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    #1 Jordan Tucker
    Sophomore Small Forward
    6'7" - 200 lbs
    Marietta, GA

    Last year's stats: N/A
    There are recruits you get excited about, and then there are recruits you get EXCITED about. Jordan Tucker is the latter. Butler hasn't had one of those types of recruits for awhile. Well, ever. Tucker, a Duke transfer, comes into the program as Butler's highest ranked recruit in program history as he was ranked 40 by ESPN in the 2017 class.

    He's a guy who comes in and is a program changer. Well, he won't really change the program but once he becomes eligible in mid-December, he's the type of guy that opposing coaches have to gameplan against. We all know Kelan Martin and the impact that he had on the program. What if I said that the potential impact by Tucker could be even greater?

    Tucker is a versatile 6'7 small forward who is able to step out or play down low during small ball lineups. There is no guarantee that he comes in and takes over immediately when he is eligible, though. Sean McDermott and Christian David are obvious roadblocks. With the talent that Tucker has, don't be surprised if he is in the starting lineup by the end of the year.

    The reason that Tucker transferred is because he thought he was going to be a key player on Coach Mike Krzyzewski's squad, but as the season progressed he learned that he wasn't going to be. He transferred so that he could make an impact immediately, and at Butler he will.

    Look for Tucker to be a guy who is relied on when he is in the game. He's going to help the offense out scoring the ball was well as taking a little pressure off of Kamar Baldwin. With Tucker, Butler is going to be able to spread the floor out and have five guys on the floor who could make a three at anytime. Tucker is still just a sophomore which means he will be around for two more years. Get ready.
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    Good catch.

    Typo on my end.
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    I realize these player profiles are geared toward fandom and therefore subject to hyperbole, but I could not disagree more here with this premise.

    I am cautiously optimistic about Tucker and hope he is able to live up to the potential his prep career and rankings suggest. That would be tremendous for him and the program.

    But I don't think we're doing anyone favors by declaring a kid who will barely have played for 18 months as "a program changer." It's fine to hope he is, but not to expect or demand it.
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    I'm pretty sure Matt Howard committing was a pretty massive game changer.
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    I know that this wasn’t your main point but holy hell is this statement applicable

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    Hey NCjon, thanks for the reply.

    I don't think the impact from Tucker is going to solely be by his play. Seeing a top recruit in the nation want to play at Butler is different. Other recruits will see that and give Butler a more serious thought. It also speaks to the job that LaVall has done coming in. I watched Tucker play in high school and he isn't the type of guy who is going to blow you away, which is why he was stuck behind five stars at Duke, but he's going to come in and work hard and shoot the ball well.

    Howard was for sure. This is another guy who is going to open up the eyes of recruits. If Butler gets a top player, people are going to start to wonder why.
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    My apologies, I should have also acknowledged the very good write-up. Thanks!
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    You're reading way too much into prep recruiting rankings, which mean a whole lot less once a player has matriculated to college and then transferred.

    By your logic, Tyler Lewis' transfer should have opened up the floodgates for Butler as he was ranked 44th by ESPN (a negligible difference between Tucker's 40th) and he was a McDonald's All American.

    As much as prep players even pay attention to Tucker's recruiting, they will see a highly ranked player who went to a top tier program and couldn't crack the rotation so he moved to a school where he would have greater opportunity to play. That's not intended as a knock on Tucker. It's a perfectly rational decision and one that dozens of players are making each year.

    Coach K often talks about how Johnny Dawkins was the most important player in his program's history because his arrival signaled to other top recruits that playing for K at Duke would be OK. I have long thought that Butler is waiting for its Johnny Dawkins, but every time I think it's getting close, the coach gets stolen away and there's a reset.

    Vall is doing a great job. I am confident he'll get that breakthrough recruit eventually. I am not going to put that pressure on Tucker, though.
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    Nice to hear an interview with Tucker. Sounds like another level headed young man. I'm really excited for this season and for some reason I have this feeling Butler is on the verge of a significant leap.
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    I've heard some stuff, that Tucker may have come up without being pushed really hard from a coaching perspective. Might still be working on developing the type of work ethic that it would take to really move his game to another level. Source said he's probably a pro, but has to find another gear when it comes to practice. Interesting comments, but speaks to his ceiling. This person knows what he's talking about. Maybe more of a statement (by this person) about his mental toughness than anything?

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