Posh Alexander - 2023 Point Guard Transfer (Verbal)

Discussion in '2023 Recruiting Profiles' started by willisbrown, Mar 29, 2023.

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    After watching these highlights if I have a fourth kid (which I won’t; medical wonders ) I’m naming him or her posh

    I think we will all be blown away by his contributions

    He may be are biggest transfer get when it is all said and done

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    Something I didn't realize watching him live was how good he is moving without the ball and finding the soft spot in the defense. Helps make up a little bit for his lack of shooting, especially against the zone.
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    I rank him as the most important piece of the puzzle along with Barlow in getting this program back . Seems like the criticism of Posh is his three point shooting. Perhaps this is one of the reasons he picked Butler in order to work with Deibler. Nonetheless every other important stat - Assists, steals, shooting percentage, defense- says big time transfer. Of the nine new players he’s the most important .
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    You judge the addition of a fourth assistant more important than all but one of the additions, when likely 4+ will be starting / 1st off the bench?
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    well, that's certainly a take
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    I think our last two additions were our biggest (at least in the short-term): Posh Alexander and D.J. Davis.

    We desperately needed a true point guard and outside shooting from last year's team, where Eric Hunter was objectively bad, and a consistent outside shooter was lacking.

    I think Landon Moore could eventually turn out to be the most impactful though.
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    Coming from someone who has plenty of takes themselves
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    I don't know and am way too lazy to go look at the other suitors Posh had but...that he chose Butler speaks to me that he thinks there will be success here. Maybe I'm being too wooly but doubt he lands here if he didn't think he could win here.
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    Would their middle name have been Spice?
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    I think you are right on Landon Moore. He put up some good numbers against power conference teams, especially Miami.
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