Providence Friars (15-13) vs. Butler Bulldogs (15-12) — 2/26

Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by jkcdawgs, Feb 25, 2019.

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    Crazy part is that a court side fan got ejected for yelling at the ref afterwards because of it

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    If this is true, it's probably the 2nd worst call of the night from an officiating crew that was bad even for college refs. Sean did look like he got pushed a bit but not to the extent I'd call it foul while the contact Christian took legitimately should have been called a flagrant 1. Wow.
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    I do agree with you and see that many others do also. Without slamming a player by name, don't we still need to look at the process. Don't our recruiters sometime in their process decide on a place or position for each player they offer scholarships to. If we have a 6'7" 190 lb player we are looking at and we know he can't elevate, is not quick and doesn't have the best of hands, what position are we looking at for him to play? Certainly not a guard. Don't our recruiters see these limitations before they make offers? Do we offer scholarships to "projects" hoping that they will develop or overcome physical limitations? I am not mad at the players who cannot compete for these reasons, I am just confused why they are put in these positions at a Big East School. Should we not have guards who can shoot, bigs that are physical, and still have players who represent the program well and make us proud?
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    I personally don’t think LaVall has ever had the team, let alone having lost the team! The kids all seem to be playing very hard, but the coaching staff is giving them very little to work with! Remember how many times Stevens called an out of bounds play that resulted in an immediate bucket! How many times does that happen under LJ? Rarely! Virtually every time we had an out of bounds play under our own basket, we threw it over the top to center court...often just eluding a turnover! How often does LJ vary our offense, which is basically do the weave 35’ from the basket, have our center set a very poor screen and then have whoever has the ball drive to the basket...Often times against 2 or more defenders! LJ also didn’t seem to realize that the zone defense was working much better then the man to man and kept using the zone only as a brief change of pace. And finally, his time out sessions are awful! Never do you hear about any strategy being discussed. All he talks about is things like we have to hustle, keep your heads up, etc. He might as well join the cheerleaders! Obviously I am extremely discouraged with our coaching!
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    Given the circumstances, these questions would have to be answered by our FORMER STAFF, would they not?
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    I think there's a happy medium between senselessly bashing a player and coddling them. I'm hoping the posters on this board can find it.
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    I noted during the game that Lavall's move to zone in the 2nd Half was really the first good adjustment I think I've seen Lavall make in his two years (I exaggerate I know). He switched to the zone when Tucker entered the game about 6 minutes into the 2nd Half to try to hide his defensive limitations and did the same a couple minutes later when Brunk came in. It actually worked and kind of turned the game around. Of course he went away from it later and it likely cost BU the game.
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    Maybe it's time for you to remove yourself from the board until the team is built with the players you are happy with.

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