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Discussion in 'Butler Recruiting' started by Jared Grubbs, Jan 10, 2015.

  1. MilkSteak

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    Let's not discount the fact they're still DePaul.

    Plus, I don't know how they'll ever recover from losing the exceptional talent that was Chris Harrison-Docks.
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    How is that location a pain in the ass? 2 blocks from the L, close to freeways, Metra. It's not "right downtown," I agree, but it's a good location. I think they will sell out their home opener (against Notre Dame) and then draw their usual pitiful attendance. Student turnout should be a little better but still not great - remember that half of DePaul's campus is downtown, so depending on what college they're in, students might live closer to here. Winning even a little will help so much.
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    It's 2 blocks from the Green Line, which doesn't go by the LP campus, and is not the most rider friendly branch of the CTA. Ogilvie and Union Station are far enough where you'll have to jump on the L or take an Uber/Taxi before you can get there. If you are driving (from the suburbs or North side) for a weekday game, you'll probably want to drive into the Lake before you actually watch DePaul play basketball due to the traffic.

    I can definitely say it will be a pain the ass for me to get there. I guess it will be a little easier for students since they can take the train the whole way, although it will still take about 30 - 40 minutes depending on how far you live from the station. I took a few classes at the DePaul Center, so I know the set up, but I can't imagine there are too many students living in the loop.

    I agree 100% with your attendance assessment. Until they start winning, I think students will still be more interested in throwing up at McGee's than going to the games. Actually, I'm sure most alumni would also prefer that option.
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    Big East will be better next year but I find it hard to see a scenario where we get 7 in again. I think it would take a much better OOC from the league as a whole.

    Ultimately it is nice to have the DePaul games as a bit of a breather in conference but playing them alone would lower the RPI. St. John's was the same way with their horrid OOC last year.

    Strong Chicago and strong New York teams are arguably the next evolution of the conference.
  6. estar20dawg

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    It's headed toward like a suped-up ACC only instead of 14 good teams and like 3 bad teams, it'll be all 10 quality every game is tough as nails. The only thing I can think of every team that makes the tournament will be ready to play tight, intense games...
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    I've felt that the last few years but unfortunately the league has really been a let down in March for the most part. I think had Nova made the sweet 16 and we had 3 sweet 16 teams that would've been more on par with my expectations. Creighton, Seton Hall, and Providence all going down in round 1 (more importantly HOW they lost) was really disappointing...I'll give Marquette a pass because clearly they played a team that caught lightning in a bottle.
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    Long term, the league needs better distribution nationally. By that I mean that over the past few years, we've had (arguably) 1 top 10 team, another 2 teams in the top 25, another 3 teams in the top 50, and another 2 teams in the top 75. We need to have years with 3 in the top 10, 5 in the top 25, or 7 in the top 50 to really announce our presence.
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    Based on seed, the Big East should have put three teams into the second round, and two teams into the Sweet 16. They ended up doing just that. I think the conference performed pretty much as expected, although it wasn't the teams that were expected. The ACC by comparison was horrible. They should have put 7 into the second round and three to the Sweet 16. They got 6 to the Round of 32 and only 1 to the Sweet 16.
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    ESPN 60 junior Jalen Smith said that Duke reached out to him recently, as did Butler. Also visited Villanova last week. @TTOBasketball

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    He would be an unbelievable get, dreaming would be him and Weaver, good lord that would just be unreal...Smith, Weaver, Baldwin, David, Young holy crap....
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  13. bd5

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    Aaron Thompson, who played with him on Team Takeover confirmed that Butler is keeping close tabs on Jalen Smith. Didn't divulge what kind of interest Jalen Smith had in Butler though.
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    Hemenway is a big time shooter from distance and showed that against Ben Davis in the tourney. Athletic skills need development but I like the interest.
  17. MasterSplinter

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    Mac McClung, 6'0", PG, Gate City, VA...alot of mid-major interest at the moment but stock seems to be improving. Just saw this video and thought he'd be good as a Bulldog. Tough player with some explosiveness, shooting, floor vision, and of course the requisite oh-sh*t-is-that-woody-harrelson-above-the-rim type stuff going on. Depending on coaching hire, we might have to start targeting these late bloomers quite quick.

    Mac -
    Woody -
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    Coaches are able to reach out to 2019 recruits starting at midnight tonight. It'll be interesting to see if LaVall shoots anybody a text.
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    Great point. Thanks for jogging my memory on this.
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    I still wish Butler would have offered Desmond Bane. instead the staff chose to take an open scholarship into last season (probably in case of a mid-season transfer) rather than offering. As a sophomore, he's starting for Top 25-ranked TCU (he also started as a freshman). This season he's averaging 12.6 ppg, 4.0 rpg, 2.6 apg. He's also shooting over 50% on 3's (30 for 59).

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