Recruiting Notes 4.0 (The Summer of LaVall)

Discussion in 'Butler Recruiting' started by the_speakers_lab, Apr 23, 2019.

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    Another 5-star opts for the G-Leauge.

    I know we don't recruit 5-star one an dones, but this will ultimately have a trickle down effect on Butler recruiting. This could be a sign that the one-and-done college basketball is coming to an end. With that being said, more teams will be coming for the 25-100 ranked prospects that Butler hopes to land. You can make a point that we don't recruit the 25-100 that hard, which would be fair to say. Those that do recruit 25-100 will have more competition for them and therefore will come to the 100+ prospects. Basically, it's supply+demand, supply is getting lower and demand (# of scholarships available) is staying the same.
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    College basketball survived without Lebron or Kobe I think it will be fine without this kid or Jalen Green.

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    From what I've been reading, they are being selective with who they are making offers to. Another thing to keep in mind is that this isn't an actual G-League's really a glorified pickup team that will play 10-15 games that don't matter at all. Yes they will get to train with former players and play against some "vets" of the G-League, but I think you will still see a lot of elite talent from any given class going to play in college. You mention we don't recruit 25-100 that hard but realistically, they are probably going to pull 5-6 players from a class at most right now. Now this could develop and snowball into some sort of G-League showcase program with multiple teams made up of HS players, but for now, I don't think it will impact Butler at recruiting much at all. Being an elite HS recruit with 5* status does not assure you success beyond HS, whether you go to college or not, and to be honest, most of my favorite players I watched this year (Toppin, Flynn, Azubuke, Winston, Petrusev, Garza, etc...) were not the caliber of players this league would have been targeting when they were finishing up HS.
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    Very good point. I was just stating that it could have a trickle down effect on our recruiting front.

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